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A Nutrient Rich Diet and Avoidance of High-protein Diets is Crucial to Women’s Heart Health

Women must be warned. Heart disease can be more deadly for women than men. 39 percent of women who have heart attacks die within a year, compared to 31 percent of men.... Read More

Current study confirms the Nutritarian diet is BEST for reversing type 2 diabetes

For diabetics and pre-diabetics especially, new research proves what moms having been telling their children through the ages, “eat your veggies, they’re g... Read More

The real story on lectins

Unfortunately, nutritional misinformation abounds and the consumption of health fortifying nutrient-rich plant foods in our society is dangerously low. In fact, the Ce... Read More

The DASH diet vs. The Nutritarian Diet

With your heart at stake and your life on the line, it is imperative to know what diet program is the best. U.S. News & World Report evaluated 38 popular diet plan... Read More

How Plant Protein Wins Over Animal Protein

We are all taught that protein is a super nutrient that will make us lean, strong, and healthy. We do need protein, but more is not necessarily better, and high-protei... Read More

Why a Nutritarian Diet is Superior to the Ketogenic Diet in the Fight Against Cancer

Comparing the ketogenic diet with the Nutritarian diet to combat cancer, the Nutritarian diet is in the winner’s corner.  There are two types of ketogenic d... Read More

The Dangers of Weight Cycling (Yo-Yo Dieting)

Regaining weight after losing it on a diet is much more common than keeping the weight off. Often dieters gain back more than they lost, and it’s a common experi... Read More

The Connection Between Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

Cardiovascular disease remains our nation’s biggest killer, responsible for about one-third of deaths in the U.S.1 Erectile dysfunction (ED) is typically the fir... Read More

Weight Watchers Focuses on Weight, Not Health

Following Weight Watchers is still not the healthy way to lose weight and keep it off despite their newest point system (“PointsPlus”) where fresh fruits a... Read More

Audio & Video

Is a Vegan Diet the Ideal

Dr. Fuhrman compares a Nutritarian diet to that of a vegan or vegetarian and discusses why a Nutritarian diet is the superior choice. He goes into specifics as to why ... Read More

Sharing Your Successes - A Member-focused Conference"

Members, from beginners to advanced, share their stories with Dr. Fuhrman. Listen as men and women talk about their journey to better health through the nutritional pr... Read More

Your Health Concerns

Dr. Fuhrman moderates an open-topic discussion of member's concerns and questions. Among the areas addressed are support for the Nutritarian lifestyle; the importa... Read More

Nutritional Recommendations for Specific Conditions

Dr. Fuhrman offers advice on how to accommodate the different nutritional needs of certain specific groups: the elderly, athletes, and pregnant women. He discusses fat... Read More

Fundamental Principles of the Nutritarian Diet

The Nutritarian diet is designed for excellent health and is based on modern advances in nutritional science, which are enabling us to make great health achievements. ... Read More

Gluten-Free: Healthful or just another fad diet?

Avoiding gluten is a medical necessity for a few, but is a trendy diet fad for many more! In this informative webinar, Dr. Ferreri discusses gluten, the primary protei... Read More

End Dieting Forever! - Dr. Fuhrman’s PBS Special

End Dieting Forever! In Dr. Fuhrman’s third PBS special, you will learn why the popular fad diets out there just don’t work and can actually be very unheal... Read More