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About Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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Joel Fuhrman, M.D., world-renowned nutritional expert, researcher, New York Times six times best-selling author and public television lecturer, is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones obtain optimal weight, health and longevity through natural nutritional methods.

Dr. Fuhrman’s career spans over 25 years of successfully helping thousands of men and women, even children, reach their goal weight, live a healthier life, stop taking toxic medications and reversing life-threatening diseases such heart disease, type 2 diabetes and numerous other illnesses. Dr. Fuhrman and his staff of professionals have also had remarkable success in helping people overcome their food addiction.

Dr. Fuhrman’s best-selling books include:

Fast Food Genocide Eat to Live Eat to Live Quick and Easy Cookbook Eat to Live Cookbook The End of Diabetes The End of Heart Disease Super Immunity The End of Dieting Disease-Proof Your Child

Dr. Fuhrman’s commitment to helping you enjoy a healthy life is based on the latest nutritional scientific knowledge. Dr. Fuhrman is uncompromising about providing the finest state-of-the-art health promoting products and information available.

For those who wish to follow a structured plan — and see amazing results in as little as three weeks — Dr. Fuhrman has created a series of Transformational programs.

What is the Nutritarian Diet?

“Nutritarian” is a word that Dr. Fuhrman coined to describe an eating style that is nutrient-dense and plant-rich, and includes a full portfolio of anti-cancer superfoods. These foods — green vegetables, fruits, colorful vegetables, beans, onions, mushrooms, fruit, berries, nuts and seeds — supply both the right amount of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) and the vital micronutrients (vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals) that unleash the body’s incredible power to heal itself, slow the aging process, and refuel itself with renewed vitality. A Nutritarian diet avoids concentrated sweeteners, salt, oil, and highly processed foods. It’s the diet style that maximally slows aging and promotes lifespan. As such, it’s the most therapeutic diet style to reverse disease and maintain your ideal weight.

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