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Soups, along with salads, are an essential part of the Nutritarian diet, and for good reason. Vegetable and bean soups and stews are nutrient-rich, flavorful, and easy to prepare. They can be served as a complement to a meal or as the centerpiece. Soups can easily be cooked in bulk to provide several days’ worth of leftovers, convenient to have on hand at home or to take along to work or school. Soups and stews are warming, satisfying and satiating, and can widen your nutrient diversity. They can be made from a variety of fresh, frozen or even leftover ingredients and allow for experimentation in a pot, pressure cooker, slow cooker or even right in a Vitamix or other high-powered blender.

The standard American diet, chock full of soda and other sugary drinks, fast foods, and other low-nutrient foods, can have a major impact on the health and lives of our children. Rising rates of childhood obesity driven by this way of eating have received much attention; however, low-nutrient foods are still having negative effects on the physical and mental health of children who are not overweight. Children are not immune to the damaging health effects of the standard American diet, which can set them up for a lifetime of poor health ranging from heart disease to behavior problems and lower cognitive performance.

This comprehensive kit provides all of the information and support you need to lose weight and keep it off! Get started today, order now!

The Weight Loss Starter Kit contains:
The End of Dieting (hardcover, signed by Joel Fuhrman)
Nutritarian Planner & Journal (spiral-bound)
Secrets to Healthy Cooking DVD
Eating Like a Nutritarian DVD

Right now, wherever you are in your journey toward superior nutrition, you should appreciate your accomplishments, and now take it even further. Building a healthy diet is like building muscles or learning a new skill – if you make the commitment and practice every day, you will get stronger, you will see results, and it will become easier and more enjoyable.

Dr. Fuhrman is often asked for his list of the best foods to eat—the foods that contain the most micronutrients, phytochemicals and other health-promoting compounds. The foods on his “best” list strongly protect against cancer, favor longevity, and are the foods that he believes everyone should include in their diet on a regular basis.

It is almost as challenging to take all the bad foods in the world and condense them down to the worst of the worst. Foods have the power to heal but also have the power to harm. Our leading causes of death, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are primarily the result of the foods we eat. Dr. Fuhrman advises people to avoid the foods on his “worst” list entirely.

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