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Green leafy vegetables are superior to other foods in their nutrient density, and unsurprisingly, greater intake of leafy greens is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.Greater consumption of cruciferous vegetables (a family of vegetables known for their anti-cancer effects, it includes many leafy greens such as kale, cabbage and bok choy), are similarly associated with lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and from all causes.

Elevated blood cholesterol is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Higher LDL cholesterol levels mean that more LDL from the bloodstream makes its way into the arterial wall. There, LDL is oxidized, setting off a chain of events leading to the formation of atherosclerotic plaque.

Soups, along with salads, are an essential part of the Nutritarian diet, and for good reason. Vegetable and bean soups and stews are nutrient-rich, flavorful, and easy to prepare. They can be served as a complement to a meal or as the centerpiece. Soups can easily be cooked in bulk to provide several days’ worth of leftovers, convenient to have on hand at home or to take along to work or school. Soups and stews are warming, satisfying and satiating, and can widen your nutrient diversity. They can be made from a variety of fresh, frozen or even leftover ingredients and allow for experimentation in a pot, pressure cooker, slow cooker or even right in a Vitamix or other high-powered blender.

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