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  Dr. Fuhrman’s Skytop Lodge Getaway 2008
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". . . wanted to say that the place, the weather, the food, the  people, the lectures and the laughs were superb"



"This was one of the best vacations I've ever had--the lodge was gorgeous, gardens beautifully kept, staff attentive, food incredibly good!  My husband and I were very pleasantly amazed at the quality, variety and quantity."

". . . .everything had a 5 star rating! I haven't come back down to earth yet. I'm hoping upon hope (1) to see Dr. Fuhrman as a patient and (2) be able to attend the next getaway."

"Getaway 2008 exceeded all my expectations. I'm looking forward to Getaway 2009."

"I have lost 3 lbs on the Getaway and one more since I'm home leaving about 18 to go!"

  "The Getaway has been a real turning point for me! I purchased Eat for Health at the Getaway and tonight is my third night preparing the recipes that my family is actually enjoying!"  

"You guys were awesome... I came away from the getaway with much more information than found in the books,and I met some wonderful people!! Bravo!! I loved the lectures,meals,sharing stories,exercising with my new friends!"


"I have been super good since we got back home. I have dropped 13 lbs. Things are looking up!!! Plus I'm feeling and getting around much better --- Thank You Dr. Fuhrman! You all did a great job!"

"Absolutely fabulous---better even than I could have imagined."

". . . a vacation that has life long positives for my wife and I. Already she wants to attend next year, whereever it is held."

"The food and accomodations were
only exceeded by the seminars."

"It was really fun meeting everyone, eating all the fabulous food, and being in such an awesome place. Dr. Fuhrman and his staff are really terrific. They put their hearts and souls into this program. All in all - it was wonderful. I enjoyed the conversations and I appreciate all the good advise."

"The Getaway was
fabulous. I enjoyed meeting the other participants and look
forward to chatting with them in the Member Center."

"I don't even know where to begin! The Getaway was more than I expected. The people I met were terrific as were all of Dr. Fuhrman's staff! I feel even more, after the Getaway, that Dr. Fuhrman is a rock star! LOL"

"--it was a great experience--if any of you are able to attend next year, I highly recommend it. Even if you are already following the ETL diet, the learning experience of having
Dr. Fuhrman explain the 'why's' of following his plan --backed by the research; his tips on everything from making recipes to demonstrating exercises--all added up to making it easier to pursue a life of better health. The topics were presented in a clear straight forward way.
Dr. Fuhrman also practices what he preaches, is caring, and was available to answer individual questions."

Skytop Lodge, Mount Pocono, PA

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Dr. Fuhrman's Getaway 2008
Courtesy of attendee Larry Reutzel

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"Dr. Fuhrman and his staff did such a fantastic job. They obviously worked very hard to make us all happy while providing a well structured agenda, great meals and fun activities. Even the weather was perfect!"


"I am looking forward to putting everything I learned into practice."

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