Corporate Wellness Programs

The only wellness program that transforms the health of your employees permanently!


The foundation of Dr. Fuhrman’s Corporate Wellness Programs is seminars delivered by Dr. Fuhrman, either onsite or via the Web. He will explain to employees how to make healthful choices that can change their lives forever!

Dr. Fuhrman and his staff will teach your employees about an entirely new way to look at food, their bodies and health. He will help them to understand food addiction, emotional eating and toxic hunger, how to overcome them, and end dieting forever.

By applying Dr. Fuhrman’s scientifically-based teachings, your employees will learn how to:

  • Optimize their health and lose excess weight permanently
  • Build strong immune systems
  • Prevent and reverse chronic disease
  • Protect themselves against dementia and cancer
  • Significantly increase their energy levels

It’s contagious! Once one employee gets healthier, others around him or her will become curious and will want to try to become healthier too. A positive snowball effect occurs.

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