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  The Canyons Resort, Park City, Utah

Attendee Reviews . . .

"Thanks for a GREAT getaway.
I came home with the inspiration to stick to the nutritarian diet and way of life.
I rushed out to buy all of my veggies and greens to fill my empty fridge,
so I would be ready to go without excuses!
I lost 5 pounds during the getaway week. If that's not enough to keep me going, nothing is!
Thanks to Dr. Fuhrman and his staff who made the getaway such an absolute success."

Dr. Fuhrman and Marilu Henner
Dr. Fuhrman and Marilu Henner.
Marilu was the 2011 emcee.

"Marilu Henner was a great special emcee --- she was totally refreshing and highly motivating. I loved her great singing voice at her dance classes."

"This getaway inspired us to make the steps we knew that we needed to make. It was truly a life-changing event.

We can't wait for next years!"


"Such an amazing part of the country!"



Anthony Blakeslee, Winner of the
2011 Six Week Holiday Challenge Contest.

"It was totally awesome seeing Anthony, the winner of the holiday challenge contest. He's done incredible work, looks absolutely fantastic, and is going to have such a better life for having lost weight and have gotten healthy."


"We had a great time and wish we could have spent more time getting to know everyone. We learned a lot at our table talks with other nutritarians."

"How thankful I am for the knowledge and precious gift of the Eat To Live lifestyle. Thank you so much Dr. Fuhrman.
I will be forever grateful!"


"I had a great time at the Getaway and enjoyed meeting so many nutritarians!
I just wish I could have met everyone.
Maybe next year?"


"Seeing Dr. Fuhrman in action is proof that his lifestyle plan can be successful for anyone willing to make the change."

"We are both so happy to have attended this Getaway. This is our second one; we went in 2009 as well. Such fun to see some folks I had met before and then people I "know" from the member center and now lots of other new friends."

"Dr. Fuhrman's lectures were
so powerful!"

vegetable wraps

"Dr. Fuhrman was amazing as was this Health Getaway!"



"At first I was questionable on going and thought the change in diet would be too much. The recipes were everything from simple to gourmet. What I experienced and learned from the getaway has changed my life forever and I now know I can DO IT!
Thank you Dr. Fuhrman!"

"I had a wonderful time meeting so many lovely people and obtaining new information as well as having old information reinforced!"

work booklet

The Canyons Resort
Park City, Utah

"The people were great, the talks were great, and of course the food was great. The surroundings were beautiful. "

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Dr. Fuhrman speaking engagement requests:
Would you like to bring Dr. Fuhrman to an event in your area? Please contact our Events Manager at events@drfuhrman.com.