At the Eat to Live Retreat, the focus is on helping you reclaim your health, renew your spirit, and achieve your wellness goals so you can live the life you deserve.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Retreat is a stunning luxury property located in rural San Diego, California. The house’s open-air concept takes full advantage of the area’s warm, idyllic climate — on average, there are 263 sunny days per year — with its large windows, sparkling pool and natural landscape. It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and experience the beauty of your surroundings.

Your days will be as relaxed – or as varied – as you desire.

Cooking lessons, discussions, and other informative sessions will teach you how to make the Nutritarian eating style a permanent part of your life. Group and individual counseling sessions will give you the opportunity to explore your feelings and strategize for your long-term success. Group sessions will help you bond with others through your shared experiences. Organized excursions will let you explore the beauty of the San Diego region and the beach. Read more about Our Program.

Indulge yourself by devoting this time to your renewal.

Swim in our sparkling pool and relax in our whirlpool spa. Exercise in our modern gym, practice yoga, meditate or simply take time to appreciate the quiet beauty of the property while transforming your health. The Eat to Live Retreat features understated luxury with a laid-back Southern California vibe. The gracious interior design boasts an abundance of windows, so you can enjoy magnificent views of the countryside plus copious amounts of natural light.

There are comfortable common areas suitable for socializing and group discussions, as well as an outdoor covered patio where you can relax to read a book or enjoy the view. The kitchen is a natural gathering place — it is here you will enjoy your Nutritarian meals and learn how to prepare healthful fare.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary — the place where you’ll rest, recharge, and get ready to face a new day. Our elegantly-appointed rooms all include an ensuite bathroom. You can opt for a private room or choose to be matched with a roommate during your stay.

Discover the enjoyable taste of Nutritarian cooking and the life-changing health benefits of eating nutrient-dense, plant-based meals.

From the time you enter the retreat, you’ll start learning real-life cooking skills. You’ll live the principles of the Nutritarian Diet, begin to recognize personal food issues, and learn some strategies to resolve them. You’ll enjoy recipes that are customized to help you transform your palate.

You need to eat a high-quality diet when you are looking to restore your health. Most of the food you will eat is harvested from our on-site garden. We grow our produce in planting beds filled with organic “living soil.” This growing environment is rich in organic material and compost and teeming with worms. This creates a rich bacterial microbiome which greatly enhances the nutritional quality of our crops. Vegetables and fruits grown in this soil are untouched by pesticides and are not exposed to the often-contaminated water sources used by large, commercial operations.

You will dine on Nutritarian cuisine, prepared by our talented chef using fresh-picked organic food. As you enjoy these healthful and delicious meals, you will rediscover the incredible flavors of natural whole foods. You will also learn the art of Nutritarian cooking and come away with culinary skills that will stay with you forever.


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