It takes time, as well as education and dedication, to make permanent lifestyle changes.

Dr. Fuhrman and his expert team of medical, counseling and wellness professionals, will use cutting-edge nutritional, emotional and musculoskeletal therapies to create a program designed to address your specific health issues. We encourage you to stay 12 weeks or longer to ensure that these changes become a permanent part of your life. The dramatic results you obtain with longer stays will provide the momentum you need to sustain this lifestyle.

Shorter stays (of four to eight weeks) are also available, space permitting, with priority reservations going to those staying 12 weeks or more. Our programs are priced to make longer stays more affordable.

4 weeks

During the first 4 weeks of your stay at the retreat, you will have built a strong foundation for sustainable weight loss and improved health.

8 weeks

After 8 weeks at the retreat, you will be further along the path to reclaiming your body and restoring your spirit as you continue to learn and practice.

12 weeks

You are now empowered by your ability to take control of your diet, and confident that the knowledge you’ve acquired will exact lasting change.

What’s Included:

Gourmet Nutritarian Dining

All meals are prepared by our on-site Nutritarian chef

Medical Care

From both Dr. Fuhrman and our on-site nurse practitioner

Non-invasive Health Screenings

Including body composition analysis

Group Therapy Sessions

Bond with others who share your challenges

Individual Therapy Sessions

Discuss your personal journey and develop strategies for long-term success

Interactive Lectures

Understand the science and application of nutritional excellence

Plant-Powered Cooking Lessons

Develop the skills to make amazing, plant-based entrees, salads, desserts and more

Activities and Excursions

Enjoy meditation and yoga classes, explore the town, hike, swim, or just relax by the pool

Housekeeping Services

This luxurious, private home-like atmosphere offers weekly housekeeping service

Airport Transfers

Just let us know, and we’ll arrange transport to and from our local airport

Restorative Neuromuscular Therapy (RNT)
(additional charge)

Experience relief from the burden of chronic pain through Restorative Neuromuscular Therapy sessions. When muscles become chronically contracted, it causes pain and inflammation, as the muscle tissue becomes congested with cellular metabolic waste. This optional treatment combines pinpoint pressure, stretching and bodywork techniques to relieve muscular spasm and contraction. When combined with the program’s optimal diet and vegetable juicing, this therapy can relax stiff or damaged tissues, restore proper blood flow and oxygenation, and facilitate nerve healing.

Insurance Information

Services at the Eat to Live Retreat are performed by medical doctors, mental health counsellors and nurse practitioners. Many health plans will help you pay for these services, although insurance reimbursement for the retreat is dependent on your provider and is not guaranteed. Participants with a primary medical condition other than obesity, such as binge eating disorder, hypertension, diabetes or chronic pain with orthopaedic complications, may be more successful in getting insurance coverage, especially if they get a referral from their primary care physician stating their diagnosis.

Full or partial reimbursement from your employer-sponsored Flexible Spending Account, or a personal Health Saving Account that is partnered with a high deductible health plan, may also be available. Both of these IRS-approved plans (FSA and HSA) cover expenses for food addiction counselling and weight loss (for treatment of a medical condition). In order to receive reimbursement from these plans, a detailed receipt and a Letter of Medical Necessity, signed by your doctor, should be included with your request.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts: FSA pre-tax funds can be used for you, your spouse, and your eligible dependents (as identified on your Federal tax return).
  • Health Savings Accounts: HSA funds can be used for you, your spouse, or eligible dependents (as identified on your Federal tax return) even if they are not covered by the HSA-compatible health plan.

The total fee for this experience can be a tax-deductible medical expense with proper medical diagnosis.

Inquire about a payment plan, if that would be helpful.

This information should not be interpreted as tax advice from the Eat to Live Retreat. Please seek the advice of your tax accountant and refer to IRS Publication 502.


*There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary. All material provided on the website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.