Optional Services

At the Eat to Live Retreat, you’ll embark on a journey to reverse disease, lose your excess weight and learn how to keep it off forever. We offer these additional optional services to help you achieve long-term success.

(additional charge)

We’d like to invite guests to explore their relationship with food and actively address the emotional components of unhealthy eating. The goal of psychotherapy is for guests to gain increased awareness of the underlying factors contributing to their attachment to unhealthy eating as well as to gain skills to break this cycle.

Restorative Neuromuscular Therapy (RNT)
(additional charge)

Experience relief from chronic pain through Neuromuscular Therapy sessions. When muscles become chronically contracted, we experience pain and inflammation, as the muscle tissue becomes congested with cellular metabolic waste. This treatment combines pinpoint pressure, stretching and bodywork techniques to relieve muscular spasms and contractions. When combined with the program’s optimal diet and vegetable juices, this therapy can relax stiff or damaged tissue, restore proper blood flow and oxygenation to facilitate healing.

Personal Training
(additional charge)

Learning how to move intentionally allows you to maximize time spent exercising, while simultaneously releasing pent up stress that hinders your ability to achieve optimal levels of health. Working with our personal trainers one on one will allow you to achieve fitness goals you might have never thought possible.


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