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The Space

Our house in San Diego can best be described as modern and rustic. You'll feel at home by the pool, hanging in the living room, or exploring our lovely neighborhood.

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The 7-room house includes spacious bedrooms, a comfortable living room, indoor/outdoor dining area, pool and hot tub, volleyball court, garden and fruit trees. Kick your shoes off, smell the lemon trees, and share in our little oasis.

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We provide

  • shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • towels and linens
  • a desk and WiFi for those who need to work from home
  • flatscreen TV with Netflix app
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The retreat is California casual. We provide weekly housekeeping, so you can put the focus on healing and relaxing. We also provide hangers, hamper, and a blow dryer (upon request).

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Our common areas are available for your use at any time. We have exercise equipment, exercise classes and scenic hiking trails in the thousand acre nature preserve right next door.

Enjoy the view on our five acre property. We are located next to the Lusardi Creek Nature Preserve.

Contact us at 949-432-6295
or [email protected]


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