Secrets of Nutritarian Cooking

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Learn how to cook the Nutritarian way in the comfort of your kitchen.

Dr. Fuhrman shares the techniques, tips and tricks that make Nutritarian cooking easy and fun! You'll gain insights on how to prepare delicious, healthful recipes that will help you lose weight and protect your health.

Runtime: 3 hours 37 minutes


Dr. Fuhrman reviews the health benefits of eating a Nutritarian diet, the basic guidelines of what to eat, and how to combine the most health-promoting foods to prepare tasty, satisfying dishes. Build your foundation with his formulas for creating sensational salads, heart-healthy soups, family-favorite mainstay dishes and sweet mouthwatering desserts. Watch as Dr. Fuhrman demonstrates a variety of recipes using essential kitchen techniques and the latest trending ingredients.

At the end of these three modules (each module contains multiple video segments), you will have a basic understandig of what you need and how to begin cooking Nutritarian-style for yourself, family and friends. Already consider yourself a Nutritarian cook? Tired of preparing the same old things? Consider this a refresher to recommit to Nutritarian eating and to learn how to include some new ingredients for delicious dishes!

Includes printable guides and recipes.


Essentials of Nutritarian Cooking

Dr. Fuhrman gets you started with,

  • daily eating guidelines
  • new cooking methods for healthier results
  • salt-free seasoning options for flavorful dishes
  • creating staple dishes everyone will love
  • planning your meals to acheive your health goals

Trending Nutritarian Ingredients and Techniques

Follow along as Dr. Fuhrman uses ingredients you may not be familiar with to make delicious, high nutrient, plant-based dishes like:

  • Pasta Bolognese
  • Broccoli Quiche
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Nutritarian Cream Cheese...and others.

Wrap Up and Q&A

Dr. Fuhrman reinforces some of the main take-aways and answers specific questions from the audience that you might have too

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