LIVE! With Dr. Fuhrman: The Anti-Cancer Protocol

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Classroom opens: July 15, 2019

LIVE! chat sessions:

July 23 & 24, 8:00-9:30 p.m. EST

Classroom closes: August 15, 2019


During this 2-part lecture with Q&A, Dr. Fuhrman explains his safe and effective nutritional protocol to protect yourself against cancer.


Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells that results in tumors that can spread throughout the body. Diet and lifestyle play a major role in the prevention and improvement of various cancers, including breast, prostate, colorectal, and skin cancers. In this 2-part (90-minutes each) online event, Dr. Fuhrman explains how a diet focused on immune-boosting foods is crucial in the fight against cancer.  Advances in nutritional science have demonstrated the powerful effects a Nutritarian diet has not only in reducing the risk of certain cancers but also in offering dramatic benefits for those in the recovery process.

You'll discover:

  • The dietary and lifestyle factors that promote cancer growth
  • How lifestyle modifications, such as juicing and exercise, can help prevent cancer
  • The importance of G-BOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds/nuts)
  • How fiber-rich foods protect against breast and colorectal cancer
  • The compounds in mushrooms that interfere with tumor proliferation and migration
  • Common multivitamin ingredients that increase your risk of cancer
  • Anti-cancer supplementation strategy

Dr. Fuhrman will share his anti-cancer protocols, and inspire you to get started on your path to excellent health. During this 2-night event, you’ll have the opportunity to ask a personal question about cancer prevention.

Included with your enrollment:

  • Complimentary 3-month GOLD membership to (for new members only*)
  • Dr. Fuhrman’s Anti-Cancer Meal Plan, also available in Dr. Fuhrman’s Recipe Guide so that you can take action immediately. This 14-day program includes recipes and is designed to flood your body with cancer-protective micronutrients.
  • Your question answered by Dr. Fuhrman during the webinar (time permitting) or via email from a member of his medical staff*
  • Access to the recorded lectures with Q&A for viewing through August 15, 2019
  • Exclusive content and product offers

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** Note: Dr. Fuhrman and his staff cannot diagnose medical conditions or offer advice on stopping or starting medications, dosage, etc.


How can I access this live, 2-part webinar?
You will have access to an NEI classroom via your MyAccount at within the Courses section. When you enter the classroom, you will find instructions on how to register for the ZOOM webinars and other course materials.

How and when can I access Dr. Fuhrman’s Anti-Cancer Meal Plan?
The Anti-Cancer Meal Plan accessible with your membersip at and also available to view, download and print from within the LIVE! with Dr. Fuhrman: Anti-Cancer Protocol classroom (accessed by following this link as soon as the classroom opens.

How are the lectures presented?
Dr. Fuhrman has structured the lectures into two 90-minute sessions. On Tuesday night, he will present The Anti-Cancer Protocols / Part 1 (90 minutes). Submit your question following the Part 1 lecture. On Wednesday night, in Part 2 he’ll wrap up the discussion and answer submitted questions.

What if I can’t watch the event at the time it is broadcast?
While we hope you can join us for the live event, both sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch through August 15, 2019, so you can view them at a time that suits your schedule.

How can I ask a question? Will he answer all questions during the live sessions?
When you register, you’ll receive a link to submit your question in advance of the session. Dr. Fuhrman will answer as many as possible during the live session on the second night (time permitting). All other questions will be answered via email by Dr. Fuhrman or his medical staff. Each registrant is limited to one question.

Does this include a meal plan?
Yes, you will have access to a specially-designed 14-day Nutritarian menu plan, leverageing the highest levels of powerful immune -boosting ingredients to help you protect against and lower your risk of cancer. These meals have been carefully designed to be tasty, satisfying and easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.  The meal plan is available with your complimentary Gold membership at where you will be able to interact with others, see recipes reviews and tips from others, add favorites to your recipe box and create your own shopping lists.