Certificate Programs

When you learn the details and advances in nutritional science to impact health, reverse disease and enhance human longevity, you prepare yourself to effectively influence others. These certification programs are self-paced, so you can make them work for your schedule. Ideal for health professionals, coaches, chefs or others who want to enhance their knowledge and their ability to convey this information to others.

Nutritarian Coaching

In your education journey with the Nutritarian Education Institute, you’ll receive training from Dr. Fuhrman and other experts to enhance your knowledge and to motivate and help others successfully adopt a Nutritarian diet. Once you complete the program, you will have access to ongoing useful tools and support resources. 

Courses Included:

NCP (Course 1): The Science of the Nutritarian Diet
NCP (Course 2): Nutritarian Cooking

Nutritarian Studies

The Nutritarian Studies certificate program is a track of courses designed by Dr. Fuhrman to provide students with a foundational knowledge of nutritional science along with an in-depth examination of the fundamental principles of the Nutritarian diet.

Dr. Fuhrman Nutritarian Education Institute is a licensed Continuing Education Provider for the State of California Board of Registered Nursing.


Courses Included:

Basics of Nutrition
The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

The Art of Nutritarian Cooking

Join Dr. Fuhrman and three renowned chefs for a fascinating exploration of Nutritarian cuisine. This entertaining and informative cooking program will teach you the secrets of creating healthful and delicious Nutritarian meals. You'll learn through short lecture-style presentations, cooking demonstrations, reading materials and Q&A sessions.

Courses Included:

ANC: Course 1 - Basic Principles of Nutritarian Cooking
ANC: Course 2 - Flavor Development
ANC: Course 3 - Culinary Inspirations for the Nutritarian Chef
ANC: Course 4 - Ask the Chefs

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