Facebook Live Chat: Stock Your Pantry for Success

Join Dr. Fuhrman in his kitchen for this exclusive, members-only Facebook Live chat, How to Stock Your Kitchen for Success. Find out which staple foods and seasonings you should keep on hand so you can create delicious Nutritarian meals, like those found in his Eat to Live Quick and Easy Cookbook, in a snap. Dr. Fuhrman also demonstrates some basic food preparation techniques you’ll find helpful, such as water sautéing. He demonstrates how to make his famous Garlic Nutter spread, Apple Pie a la Mode (using his Vanilla “Nice” Cream), a Thai stir-fry with wokked vegetables and a lemongrass-infused sauce, and much more. Dr. Fuhrman is later joined by his wife Lisa, who moderates the live Q&A portion of the chat. This entertaining and educational video is essential viewing for anyone interested in healthy eating, especially for those following the Nutritarian diet.


(28:04 minutes)