At, Healthy Living is Job Number One

August 17, 2017 by Randi Carbone, R.N.

In workplaces across America, one thing is certain: every office has its own unique culture. And because workplaces are influenced by the top management, the company’s mission, and an intriguing mix of staff personalities, these cultures can be as individual as fingerprints.

Here at, it probably comes as no surprise that our office culture is health-conscious, supportive, and includes a healthy interest in the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science (and cool things to add to our salads). Here’s a peek behind the curtains at how we roll....

We Practice What We Preach
Our office culture here at is definitely special. The tone is set by Dr. Fuhrman (of course) and our COO, Lisa Walfield Fuhrman, both of whom lead by example. We encourage each other to eat healthfully. Staffers love sharing recipes for new Nutritarian dishes! We also like to compare notes about new restaurants we’ve found that will accommodate our no-salt, no-oil way of eating. It’s nice to learn from so many cool suggestions and handy tips.

Exercise equipment
Okay, so here we may be a little bit healthier than the average office. A lot of us have Fitbits or keep track of our steps — and we even have an under-the-desk exerciser for office use. A few of us are into “standing desks” and ball chairs (an inflatable stability ball either in a frame or on its own). We have a rule: everyone gets up and walks around every couple of hours — it’s great for your body, and is a terrific stress reducer. So if you visit the Dr. Fuhrman Wellness Center, you may see a few of us walking around the building, or going up and down the staircase more than once (no, we didn’t forget something — we are just squeezing in some exercise!)  

Office Drink
Most offices have a coffee pot, and yes, we have a (barely used) Keurig, too. But our office is mostly known for its ubiquitous supply of sparkling and plain water. The sparkling water can be just as uplifting and restorative as a jolt of caffeine – try it sometime if you haven’t already! Adding some fresh fruit to the water can offer a refreshing new taste with each glass. And I am proud to say, I have yet to see a soda here, yet.

LEAPs and bounds
Dr. Fuhrman encourages us to set health goals by sponsoring the in-office LEAP program — it’s an acronym that stands for Learn, Embrace, Achieve, Proclaim. Participation is completely voluntary, and it’s a great way to track our progress in areas such as antioxidant scores, blood pressure and other health parameters. Staff members look forward to the quarterly assessments as a way to reinforce their commitment to better health.   

You definitely will not see fast food or junk food in our offices, and we are all the better for it. Salad tends to be the standard lunchtime meal at the DF offices. When Dr. Fuhrman says “Eat at least one big salad a day,” we take that advice to heart! A peek into our staff refrigerator on any given day would reveal some huge, delicious-looking salads. Salads that are especially pretty and/or inventive will yield an admiring shout-out of “Whose lunch is this?” followed by a quick chorus of approval from whoever happens to be nearby.  We also like to dine on smoothies in the morning as a late breakfast. Occasionally, someone has gone overboard with juicing vegetables at home and will bring the extra in to share.

Breakroom Treats
And speaking of sharing — as a rule, we don’t snack, per se, but we do share food, just like any office. It’s just that we tend to eat it during meal times rather than throughout the day. And while our office treats may look slightly different than those in other offices, they are, nevertheless, always a good reason to gather in the kitchen and chat for a few minutes. We love to share the bounty from our kitchens, gardens, and produce shopping excursions. Some recent foods that have been shared: fresh, sweet figs; white currants; kale chips; and more elaborately, a Spanish-style White Bean and Kale soup. Yum!

In addition, our office kitchen is often the test site for new products, too. Samples of the latest flavor of Dr. Fuhrman’s popular date-nut balls, soups and/or condiments have all received the stamp-of-approval first from our office staff, before the recipes are finalized and sent to our production facilities. We all take great pride in knowing that these delicious foods will soon be enjoyed by you. Be on the lookout for our new pumpkin spice, and chocolate mint-flavored date-nut balls soon.

Well, that’s a quick snapshot of our office community. What’s the day-to-day routine like in your office or home? Share your fun stories, tips, and suggestions in the comments section.


Randi Carbone, R.N. Ms. Carbone leads the Food Addiction Recovery Program and the Nutrition Coaching Program under Dr. Fuhrman’s direction. She is highly experienced in helping patients who are struggling with food addiction and other eating disorders. In conjunction with Dr. Fuhrman, Ms. Carbone developed successful programs that enhance patients’ results by teaching them life skills that enable them to maintain nutritional excellence, overcome food addictions and potential roadblocks to their success. Previously, Ms. Carbone worked within a multi-disciplinary team to manage both inpatient and outpatient addiction services for adults and adolescents battling addictions.


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08/21/2017 04:33 PM

Loss of muscle tone….

I have read your book, not in depth, however I ill read it again.  I am curious to know that if plant based protein will provide enough protein to prevent muscle tone or loss, during the six-week fat loss program.

During my 30’s and 40’s I was a gym rat and in good shape.  I went on a ten-year couch potato plan and that was my down fall and developed some heart issues which I am trying to correct through eating properly and exercise.

I understand that I will lose muscle tone/weight from Sarcopenia with aging.  I am 66 years of age I have been active at the gym for the past two years’ weight lifting and have added aerobics to my workouts.  I can’t seem to get rid of my visceral fat in my stomach.  However, lots of muscle tone has returned.  I guess muscle has memory.

Could I get an opinion on fat loss my stomach area and will that 6-week plan have an effect?  I realize everyone is different.

Thanks you for your opinions and suggestions


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Dr. Ferreri replies:

08/22/2017 10:59 AM

When you lose fat, some amount of muscle loss is unavoidable, but strength exercise helps to limit it. As far as plant protein supporting muscle building, you may be interested in reading these articles:

And this position paper:

terrotusk replies:

08/22/2017 04:59 PM

If you have a Dr. Fuhrman membership, I recommend going to the library under the Learn tab and go to the audio-video section and watch the Facebook Live Chat on the subject of protein. It is excellent. As a former college athlete and retired member of the military, i have spent a better part of my lfe trying to stay in peak physical condition. Now in my mid fifties and retired, the incentives and motivation were no longer there. I needed to make a drastic change. My wife is a physician, so she told me to go read up on Dr. Fuhrman and make the change. i did, made the transition and now I'm close to being in the best shape of my life. I'm now into crossfit and plan on competing in the over 60 bracket in a few years...using only plant based protein. I was simply amazed at the abundance of available non-animal protein and I'm recovering well from 3000 to 4000 calorie triathalon workouts. Good luck to you.


08/22/2017 04:39 PM

Wish my office was so healthy!  




Randi Carbone replies:

08/22/2017 05:49 PM

Maybe you can make some suggestions to improve the office enviornment!


08/22/2017 04:49 PM

Would you please share some (or all!) of the restaurants in the area that you have found accommodating the no-salt/no-oil preparation? I'm sure many of us that are nearby would love to know.



Randi Carbone replies:

08/22/2017 05:33 PM

Hi Andy, We are based out of Flemington, NJ. Any of the restaraunts we order from always oblige when we ask for no added salt or oil. Were you asking for specific places in this area?

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AndyH replies:

08/23/2017 10:00 AM

Yes, I was looking for specific places (we're across the bridge in PA). We've had a hard time finding places that can really prepare things with no salt/oil, most of it is pre-cooked in batches so they can't accommodate. 

Would love to know some places that you have had success with.



08/22/2017 05:14 PM

Thank you for the article! Do any of you use what some consider to be more healthful office furniture, like standing desks or special chairs?

Randi Carbone replies:

08/22/2017 05:33 PM

Yes, many of us use standing desks, myself included. Some others use large exercise balls to sit on nstead of chairs.


08/22/2017 05:56 PM

I want to work tehre!

Marietta Goldman

08/22/2017 07:10 PM

Sounds like the ideal work enviornment to me...well said Randi!!


AuntFin replies:

08/22/2017 07:16 PM

Dr. Fuhrman's office sounds like a great place to work. That would be the ideal culture to thrive in every day. 

Judi Miskowicz

08/22/2017 07:29 PM

I would love to work there!



08/22/2017 07:50 PM

We have instant recess every day at 10 am.  We walk a fast mile 1 1/4 mile in about 17 min.  We have weights on our desk and at any given time you can see someone doing a curl while on hold on the phone.  We keep our vitamins locked in our desk drawers with our sparkling water.  We do enjoy our coffee and green matcha from time to time.

Randi Carbone replies:

08/24/2017 05:41 AM

Wow, sounds like a great work environment!


08/22/2017 10:32 PM

My breakfast consist of Unsweetened almond milk, two handfuls of organic blueberries,handful of unsalted mixed nuts which consist of walnuts, almonds,  pistachios, cashews , organic sun flower seeds, a chunk of jinger, clove of organic garlic, all natural all day energy greens powder, spirulina powder, organic tart cherry, plant derived minerals. I also take ultra cell biotec capsules, selenium capsule, apple cider vinegar, Cal-Mag-Zinc with vitamin D3 capsule. This is my everyday breakfast. I hope this is ok because I've been doing this for awhile now.  




08/23/2017 06:27 AM

Sounds great! Can I work there, please?



08/23/2017 07:40 AM

Sounds like an awesome place to work!!!



08/23/2017 09:07 AM

What a healthy work environment.  I'm betting productivity is higher than found in less healthy offices.  Makes it fun to come to work!


08/23/2017 09:15 AM

Do you have any recommendations for standing desks? I would like to get one.

free2choose replies:

08/23/2017 04:22 PM

If you have a desktop computer, you can put the monitor on a big box. Place the keyboard on the box too. This puts it at the right level. (You can experiment with various boxes). My mouse pad is on a stack of books next to the box. It works great for me! I don't need to go up and down levels, I just leave it up. If I get too tired, I can sit with my laptop.


08/23/2017 10:57 AM

You know what's sad? I'm a researcher in a transplant clinic here in Seattle. Although they give nutrition lip service for patients, they make no real connection between sickness and diet. Often when I walk into the lunch room there are boxes of donuts (provided by vendors hawking their services, products) and other junk food - girant cakes for birthdays, ice cream, Girl Scout cookies, leftovers from catered meetings (meat, cheese platters etc). Sometimes they have coupons on the fridge for fast food (Jimmy John's, Subway). I throw them away. 


08/23/2017 04:19 PM

My husband and I  work from home as a newspaper columnists for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the Worcester, MA "Telegram."  We write about tech. I use a stand-up desk (my monitor and keyboard are on a big box on my desk, putting them both at the right level.) I definitely follow the big salad daily idea, plus the other items on the nutritarian checklist. If ever I had to drop the column, I would love to work for Dr. Furhman. I'm also a part of his nutritarian institute study with thousands of others.

This comment was last edited on 08/23/2017 04:20 PM


08/23/2017 10:50 PM

I would love to work at such an office! Do you ever post staff openings on your website, or elsewhere? (I live in the area). Thank you.

Randi Carbone

08/24/2017 05:43 AM

On the bottom of the page is a careers tab. That is where you will find any open positions. 

vgchef replies:

08/24/2017 09:23 AM

Thank you for that information!


08/26/2017 10:53 PM

I wish all work places were like this.


09/01/2017 09:46 AM

Hi Randi,

thank you for this very interesting article! It really sounds great. May I ask you a few questions?

- what kind of under-the-desk exerciser do you recommend?

- how often exactly and for how long are the exercise breaks?

- is there a way to do the antioxidant scores tests in Europe, (Germany)?

- is there a recommandation on how often and how much water one should drink or is that not part of the routine?

Many thanks in advance!

Randi Carbone replies:

09/01/2017 10:05 AM

Hi Paris! I am happy you liked the article!

1.The under the desk excersiser we have in our office is by In Motion and you can get in on Amazon.

2. Our exercise breaks are usually about 10 minutes two times per day, but it is up to the individual what they want to do.

3. I am not sure about the anti oxidant scores in Germany. The company that owns the machine is Pharminex, perhaps you can look them up and inquire.

4.The nutritarian diet is made up of a lot of foods that contain a lot of water. It is best to increase hydration when exercising and or sweating a lot. 


09/01/2017 11:36 AM

Thank you for your prompt answer. All of it is very helpful. With In Motion, do you mean Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer?

Randi Carbone replies:

09/01/2017 11:38 AM

Yes, that's the one!


09/02/2017 10:33 AM

Thank you!


09/17/2017 09:16 PM

I've also found out that high caffeine drinks also affect the skin when used too much. Well, as what you have written here I guess it's quite true.


09/29/2017 10:58 PM

I wish I worked in your office!! 



12/08/2018 01:14 AM

I work from home and we have meetings at restaurants where the company pays. We have a choice of what foods to get but not a choice of where the meetings are so we do not get the best choices when it comes to ordering healthy ETL foods.  I travel a lot for work and find it hard to find places that have good choices, I wish I could work in an office like yours where I could bring in ETL foods to eat that I have gathered from your site over the last couple years.


03/05/2019 07:49 PM

Nice article and great work enviroment.  Unfortunately, I work in the health care profession (a popular urgent care chain) and our office is staffed with NOTHING but fatty, salty, sugary foods provided by the corporation itself.  Its a disgrace that this is what I am subject too on a daily basis and being a food addict trying desperately to overcome my addiction it makes it almost impossible for me to stay on track.  I know ultimately I decide what goes in my mouth, but this certainly doesn't help.  Just needed to vent  : (