It’s the book that was 30 years – and 1,000s of scientific studies – in the making.

Eat for Life

The Breakthrough Nutrient-Rich Program for Longevity, Disease Reversal, and Sustained Weight Loss

By Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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Food affects all aspects of our life: our health, emotions, emotional health and mental clarity.

In Eat for Life, Dr. Fuhrman draws on the knowledge he gained as a physician practicing nutritional and lifestyle medicine, plus his research as a nutritional scientist over the past 30 years. He has used this knowledge to write the ultimate guide to the science of eating for maximal health, optimal weight and extended longevity.

“People often ask me, ‘If I could read just one book of yours that has the most comprehensive overview of your program and insights, which book should I read?’ The answer is: this book. No dietary program has more scientific support regarding its principles and foods that slow aging, prevent disease, and prolong lifespan (with more than a thousand carefully vetted scientific references).”

Eat for Life showcases all aspects of the Nutritarian Diet: how it works, why it works, and what you can achieve by eliminating toxic foods and embracing this most healthful way of eating that slows aging and prolongs human life. The book includes chapters on:

  • The Science Of Longevity
  • Your Hormones And Your Health
  • It Is All About The Plants
  • Your Health Is In Your Hands
  • We Can Prevent Cancer
  • The Struggle To Lose Weight
  • We Can Reverse Disease
  • How To Cook, Eat, Live
  • The Nutritarian Diet Recipes

Meet Dr. Fuhrman’s Success Stories

In Eat for Life, Dr. Fuhrman will introduce you to 16 individuals – from all walks of life – who have used the Nutritarian diet to transform their lives. You’ll read the amazing stories of:

MARTIN, who lost 120 pounds and recovered from cardiovascular disease and other ailments

SANDRA, who lost 125 pounds and recovered from Type 2 diabetes

TOMMY, who recovered from ulcerative colitis and testicular cancer

CHRIS, an emergency room doctor who recovered from lupus

SCOTT, who lost 90 pounds and reversed severe coronary artery disease, retinal occlusion and stage 4 melanoma

FELECIA, who lost 88 pounds and recovered from a cancerous blood disorder

Plus 10 more fascinating people!

Eat for Life is the one must-read book that updates and completes Dr. Fuhrman’s life’s work

It contains not only new and fascinating scientific discoveries, but also the lifestyle advice that makes it doable—plus more than 100 healing and delicious recipes. It’s a daily guide to eating well, a healthy cookbook with the meal plans, and also a wake-up call to help you take control of your health destiny. All people—sick or healthy, overweight or slim, young or old—can benefit from EAT FOR LIFE. Yes, today we have a unique opportunity in human history to experience a modern miracle: a long, disease-free life without heart disease, strokes, dementia, or even cancer. This is your chance to blow past the “Blue Zones” and enter a new paradigm in nutrition and health.

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