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Private Messaging (PM)

Viewing New Private Messages
Sending New Private Messages
Receiving/Replying to Private Messages
Turning On/Off Email Notifications
Logging into the forums

Viewing Private Messages

  1. Go to the Discussion Forums or Ask the Doctor Forums.
  2. In the top right corner, click Private Messages.
    PM step 1
  3. Next you will see your Inbox with all of your new and old messages. New or unread messages appear as bold. Simply click on the message to open it.
    opening new

How to send a New Private Message - 2 Options

Option 1 - Directly from a Thread

  1. From an opened thread, Click on the User's Forum Name and choose Send Private Message to User
    quick PM option
    Go to Step 2 from here (recipients username will not need to be added)

Option 2 - From the Private Message Menu (to get to the Menu, see Viewing Private Messages at the beginning of this tutorial)

  1. In the left hand menu under Private Messages, click on Send New Message.
    Send New
  2. Next you will need to add the (a) recipients username, (b) a title, and (c) type a message. You then have multiple options such as editing your text (bold, italic, etc), adding links, pictures and quotes, or adding smilies and other graphic icons. If you are unsure of what the small image/icon represents, hold your mouse over the image, and a (d) text title will appear. Once you are satisfied with your message you can click (e) Submit Message to send it, or Preview Message to view it prior to sending.
    New Message

Receiving/Replying to Messages

  1. You have the option to be notified by email if you receive a new Private Message, or you when you go to the forums you will notice in the top right corner menu that you will have a bold notification showing you the number of unread private messages. Below is an example showing one unread private message.
    1 unread message
  2. To edit your private message settings, such as turning on/off Private Messaging or to receive email notifications go to the menu on the left, and under Settings & Options, click Edit Options.
    edit options
  3. Next, scroll down to Messaging & Notification located in the center of the page. Here you will have the option to (a) turn on/off private messaging, and or add (b) email notifications of new private messages. Simply check the box, or boxes of the options you would like turned on or off, and make sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
  4. When another member sends you a private message and you have email notification turned on, you will receive an email notification.
    email notification
  5. Open the email, and click the link to your inbox. IMPORTANT: You will need to log into the forums with your forum name as the username and your Member Center password as your password to log in. Check the remember me check box not to be asked again for your username and password.
  6. If you are opening the new message directly from the forums, click the bold, unread message to open it..
    opening new
  7. When replying, you can type your message in the Quick Reply text box, and either click (a) Submit Message or (b) Go Advanced which gives you more editing options such as adding smilies, paragraph formatting, etc.
    quick reply


If you are still having difficulties,
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