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How to Post Questions to Dr. Fuhrman and Other Members
The Member Center Forum Tutorial

This tutorial regards searching the forum and posting questions to Dr. Fuhrman. This is an open forum in which all members have access to all questions, but the forum name will keep all members anonymous.

Before you ask your question, we suggest that you do a basic search on your subject and/or browse the Ask the Doctor archives to see if you can find an answer to your question first. Viewing our FAQ database, looking through the member library, browsing the product details, engaging other members in the member discussion forums, and searching our site, is also encouraged and can be helpful.

There are a number of questions that are asked over and over, many of them are already addressed on the website and/or in the forums. In order to keep the questions to a manageable size, we ask that you do a bit of searching first before you post. Please review these guidelines prior to posting.

  1. Only place one post at a time. If you have multiple subjects you want to ask the doctor about please wait for Dr. Fuhrman to answer the first post before posting another. We want to give equal opportunity to all members with questions.
  2. Do not ask questions that require the doctor to research product specific information on the web. If you want an opinion on a product that Dr. Fuhrman may be unfamiliar with, please provide the detailed information within the post, i.e. copy and paste the ingredients and all the pertinent information relative to your question.
  3. Please do not request advice for friends, acquaintances and others who are not members. This forum is a benefit, for members only.
  4. Not all questions can always be answered, especially when the volume of questions is very high. Every effort will be made to give as many individuals the opportunity to have their questions answered.
  5. If there is a topic that is already started please continue your questions on the same thread. If possible do not start a brand new post.
  6. Finally, many of our members can help with general questions like recipes, kitchen appliances, etc. Try posting in the Member to Member forum in the Discussion Forum.

Basic Search
Advanced Search
Posting New Questions
Reply to a Post
Editing Your Post
Logging into the Forums

How to do a Basic Search in the Forums

  1. Click either the Discussion Forum or Ask the Doctor in the What's Inside links on the right-hand side.
  2. Enter your keyword(s) into the Search text box. Words must be 4 letters or longer.
  3. You can search by Show Threads or Show Posts; each will display the results differently.
  4. search box

How to do an Advanced Search in the Forums

  1. Click either the Discussion Forum or Ask the Doctor in the What's Inside links on the right-hand side.
  2. Towards the upper-right, click Search, which drops down the search box. Click the Advanced Search link which will display the search box below.
  3. advanced search
  4. In the Search for Keywords text box, type in your keyword(s). A 4 letter word is minimum.
  5. The User Name search box is not a required field. This feature is for narrowing the search to a specific forum member. To search for posts that were replied by Dr. Fuhrman, type in the letter "dr.", and a drop-down menu will appear. Select Dr. Fuhrman.
  6. The Advanced Search will also allow you to search by forum name without entering a keyword.
  7. To further reduce the search, use the Search In Forums box to a specific category. It is not required.
  8. On the left side of the Advanced Search box, users have other options such as finding posts in a range of dates, or the ability to sort in descending or ascending order.
  9. Finally, please read through the results. Your question may have already been answered in a previous post.

Posting a New Topic

  1. A thread is a chain of postings on a single subject in a forum.
  2. Click Ask the Doctor in the What's Inside links on the right hand side.
  3. The Ask the Doctor forum has categories like Medical Questions, About Supplements, Children's Health, Fasting, Food Questions, etc. Click the category that is general to your question for Dr. Fuhrman.
  4. choose category
  5. The next page displays all the topics (questions/posts) already posted, starting with the most recent post at the top.
  6. If you are still unable to find an answer to your question after doing a search, click the New Thread button on the far left side above the last post. There is also a New Thread button in the lower left side of the forums.
  7. new thread
  8. Your next page will look like an e-mail composition. Type your topic in the Title text box.
  9. Now, click inside the large text box and type the question you want to post.
  10. message
  11. The toolbar is for text formatting. You can change the formatting of the text by simply selecting part or all of it, and clicking the appropriate buttons such as bold, italic, colors, etc.
  12. Next you can Submit New Thread to make it live, click Preview Post to see a preview before making it live, or scroll further down for Additional Options.
  13. Additional Options allows you to manage attachments (if you added pictures, etc.), or get notifications on your post. The most commonly used notification is Instant Email Notification which will send you an email when someone replies to your post. (see below about Logging into the Forums, especially when using Instant Email Notification for the first time). Click Submit New Thread once you make your choices.
  14. Your question will be posted at the top of the category in which you started.
  15. Within a few days your question should be answered, depending on the volume of questions and their relevance. Just go back to the same category where you started and find your topic.
Dr. Fuhrman tries his best to answer as many questions as possible. However, he is not able to answer every question asked.
  • The doctor is only able to select a limited number of questions to answer each week. Questions with broadest interest and value are most likely to be answered first.
  • The Ask the Doctor forum cannot take the place of personalized medical advice given by your physician; rather it is for nutritional advice of a more general nature. It does not constitute a medical consultation. The questions and answers are displayed and available for all members to benefit. When the volume of questions is high every question may not be answered.

Replying to a Posted Topic

  1. If there is a topic that is already started please continue your questions on the same thread. Do not start a brand new post unless you have a new topic. Note that you can also reply to others posts by clicking the Post Reply button or by using the Quick Reply text box below each thread.
  2. If there are further questions you wish to ask Dr. Fuhrman regarding the same topic, simple click the Post Reply button.
  3. Repeat steps 6 through 10 as described in the Posting a New Topic section.

How to Edit or Delete Your Post

Only the posts that you created may be edited.
  1. Find your post that you want to edit, and click the Edit button.
  2. Edit the content, insert a message in the Reason for Editing text box, and click the Save button. Your post will then be saved and edited.
  3. Unless you are a moderator or administrator, you can only edit your own posts. Please note that the administrator of this board may not allow the editing of posts after a certain number of hours (or days) has passed from the time of the original post.
  4. To Delete your post, open your post and click the Delete button.

Logging Into the Forums

If you are prompted to log into the forums, or if it is your first time logging into the forums from an email notification, log in using your forum name (handle) as the username, and the password that you use to log into the member center. Check the Remember Me check box and click the Log In button.


If you are still having difficulties,
please contact our Technical Support department using our contact form.

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