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Downloading your eBook.
 Downloading eBooks (purchased prior to February 2013)

Download Instructions for Your eBook for Windows

  • The quickest and most inexpensive way to get Dr. Fuhrman's message anywhere in the world, with no shipping costs.
  • Electronic, environmentally friendly.
  • System Requirements: Windows 2000 or newer

Overview & Compatibility

The following instructions apply to eBooks on Windows platforms. Below are separate links for the eBook download that you purchased. Your personal username and password, which were provided with your purchase and also sent in an email, are needed to register your eBook. Registration is a one time process.

Most of Dr. Fuhrman's eBooks use ebookPro with the exception of Disease-Proof Your Child which uses Desktop Author. The ebookPro eBooks require no additional software. For the Disease-Proof Your Child eBook, click the link below and follow the instructions.

Download your eBook

  1. Click the eBook title below:

  2. A download dialog will pop-up, asking to open (or run) or save the file. Select SAVE.
  3. Another pop-up will appear, asking WHERE you wish to SAVE the file. Please SAVE and REMEMBER where you downloaded the file. For easy access, the preferred places are: The Desktop, OR the My Documents folder.
  4. After the download is complete, locate the ebook file and open it by double clicking on the icon. It opens by itself with no additional software needed.

Register your eBook

Upon opening the eBook, the table of contents will appear.
  1. Click any one of the chapter subjects, and a registration login will pop-up.
  2. Enter the username and password that were sent to you by email or the order confirmation from your purchase.
  3. Fill out the required information and accept the agreement.
    *Note — You should not have to use this login again. If the registration was unsuccessful, there may be a firewall or anti-virus issue. You may have to temporarily disable these in order to complete the registration.
  4. If you are still having trouble, contact our Technical Support department using our contact form.

Printing the eBook

  1. Click any link on the index page (the opening page) and enter the body of the eBook.
  2. To print the entire eBook, Go to File -> Print eBook... within the eBook itself.
  3. Helpful hints
    • The eBook prints the chapters alphabetically.
    • Click printer properties, and click the basics tab. For the Page Order, select Back to Front.
    • If the pages are cut off during printing, adjust the margin properties. Open an Internet Explorer browser. Go to File --> Page Setup. In the Page Setup dialog box, edit the Left margin setting to 0.5.
    • There is a time delay to the printer.

  4. Printing Only Chapters

    • From the Index page or Table of Contents, click on a chapter.
    • Go to File, Print page.
    • Click the Print button, after making any configuration changes you wish.

Downloading and using your Disease-Proof Your Child eBook

Disease-Proof Your Child bookThere are three steps required to view your Disease-Proof Your Child eBook:

  1. Download the eBook reader application: http://dnlreader.com/reader/ and save it to your computer.
  2. Install and Register the reader by double clicking the downloaded file and choose "Run" to install the DNL reader. Register the reader with your name and email address if prompted. You will receive an email with a link to complete your registration.
  3. Download the eBook to your computer using this link: Disease-Proof Your Child ebook. Double click it to open. You will need your username "activation code" to open/activate your eBook which was sent to you in an email and no password is required. Your activation code is only good for one computer and registering is a one time process.

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