Dr. Fuhrman’s

Weight Loss Boot Camp

One-Week Virtual Event
August 10-14, 2020

Get rid of your excess weight, discover how to break your addictive food behaviors, and learn how to improve your health and build your immunity, feel incredible, and achieve lasting results.

Price: $299

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PLUS, you’ll be eligible to join our Weight Loss Challenge FREE!

A six-month, follow-on challenge to lose 5 BMI points by sticking to the Nutritarian diet. Successful entrants will win a $500 gift card to DrFuhrman.com. See details below. (Restrictions apply. See official rules for eligibility and prize details.)


Day 1-2

Kickstart with in-depth lectures by Dr. Fuhrman (Zoom webinar)

8:00pm Eastern


Day 3

Cooking demonstration with our chefs from the Eat to Live Retreat in San Diego (Zoom webinar)

4:30pm Eastern


Day 4

Exercise Class and Practical Tips for Success with our Food Addiction Counselor (Zoom webinars)

Exercise Class 11:00am Eastern

Tips for Success 8:00pm Eastern


Day 5

Dr. Fuhrman will host an interactive Q&A session to end the week. He’ll answer your questions and inspire you to maintain this healthy lifestyle. (Zoom webinar)

8:00pm Eastern


Recordings of all zoom sessions will be available in your online classroom, usually the next day.

You can view them as many times as you like, for the duration of boot camp, and during your participation in the Weight Loss Challenge.

The Boot Camp Experience includes:

10 in 20: Emergency Weight Loss Meal Plan digital booklet
(available first to Boot Camp participants before it goes on sale to the public)

Online classroom with readings, videos, and an exercise plan

Private Facebook group to connect with one another for encouragement and support

One-month free trial of Platinum Membership to connect with our medical staff on the Ask the Doctor forum and unlocks mealplans, recipes, and tools for lasting success

PLUS... Dr. Fuhrman is excited to introduce the

Weight Loss Challenge

Lose 5 BMI points in 6 months and win a $500 gift certificate to DrFuhrman.com (Restrictions apply — see official rules for details and exclusions)

The challenge is FREE to participants of Dr. Fuhrman’s Weight Loss Boot Camp.

Follow the Nutritarian diet and lose five points from your Body Mass Index (BMI) by February 10, 2021 to win the $500 gift certificate to DrFuhrman.com (Restrictions apply: not valid for events or Vitamix).

Take your boot camp experience to the next level! Apply what you’ve learned, and track your progress with monthly check-ins (weight, measurements, photos) in the online classroom. The challenge is FREE for members of Dr. Fuhrman’s Weight Loss Boot Camp. Follow the Nutritarian diet and lose five points from your Body Mass Index (BMI) by February 10, 2021 to win the $500 gift certificate. Details and registration for the challenge can be found in the Boot Camp classroom. Participants of the Weight Loss Challenge will receive:

  • Up to five additional months* of classroom access and Platinum membership * To continue platinum membership, classroom access, and eligibility for the $500 gift certificate, participants must check-in to the classroom on the 10th day of each month (August 2020-February 2021, for a total of seven check-ins) to record measurements and upload current photo. Challenge rules can be found in the classroom.

Your questions answered...

Do I have to do both the Boot Camp and the Weight Loss Challenge?
You can choose to participate only in the Weight Loss Boot Camp – you’ll get the meal plan, attend the zoom lectures, and the free 1-month trial Platinum membership.

Can I do the Weight Loss Challenge without registering for the boot camp?
No – the challenge is open only to registered participants in the Boot Camp.

Is there a specific menu to follow for the Weight Loss Challenge?
You can repeat the meal plan included in the 10 in 20: Emergency Weight Loss Program, which is included with your Weight Loss Boot Camp registration, or you can use the meal plans from the recipe section of DrFuhrman.com.

What if I lose five BMI points before the six months of the challenge are finished?
The challenge is intended to encourage long-term adherence to the Nutritarian eating style. To be eligible to win the $500 gift certificate, challenge participants must follow the official rules, including regular check-ins for the duration of the challenge.

What if I don’t have 5 BMI points to lose?
To qualify for the Weight Loss Challenge and the $500 gift certificate reward, participants must lose at least 5 BMI points during the six-month challenge (see official rules). If you are nearer to your goal weight, you can participate in the challenge (extended membership, zoom lectures and classroom access), but you will not qualify for the reward.

Registration for the challenge can be found in the classroom and is available to all Weight Loss Boot Camp participants.