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I was just getting ready to purchase some Green Screen® Organic SPF 32 Sunscreen from your Web site when I realized that it says "sunscreen". I had read on one of the skin care websites that you should only use "sunblock" and not "sunscreen" because sunscreen doesn't protect against all harmful rays. Is this true? I would be buying it for my husband who works outside everyday, and it is very important to keep him protected to the fullest with all the sun exposure he gets. I just wanted to make sure this would work for him. Thanks!

This is definitely the best product for your husband. The words sunscreen and sunblock are often interchanged. Green Screen® is a physical sunscreen or sunblock that offers balanced UV (UVB and UVA) protection without potentilally hazardous chemicals. It is made from all natural and organic ingredients and is non-greasy and fragrance free. It is one of the very few non-chemical sunscreens that does not contain nano or micro-sized particles. Although nanoparticles make a natural sunscreen more transparent, there is a concern about potential toxicity because these micro-particles may absorb through the skin and bypass our natural defense mechanisms.

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