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Question: If I am out of shape, where do I start regarding building muscles and strengthening bones to prevent osteoporosis? The only exercise I currently do is to walk about 20 minutes, 3 times a week. I do not have access to a gym or any exercise equipment at home. Are there any effective, basic exercises I can do?

Also, can a Nutritarian diet reverse early osteoporosis?

Answer: Walking is not sufficient to prevent against osteoporosis of the back. If you are limited and inexperienced in exercise, the most important thing you can purchase is a weighted vest that you can wear for a few hours each day. You should also purchase a mat and some hand weights to use while doing some abdominal exercises and back extensions. You should also walk up and down the stairs in your home. Consider purchasing my DVD, Osteoporosis Protection for Life, in which I show some great bone-building exercises that you can do anywhere.

Progression of osteoporosis can be significantly slowed and even reversed when you combine a nutrient rich, plant-based diet low in animal protein with regular exercise and vitamin D sufficiency. As you build your level of fitness and strength through exercise, and increase muscle strength it is possible to not merely prevent progression of osteoporosis, but also see an increase in bone mass.

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