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Question: I’ve heard that multivitamins don’t have any true health benefits and I eat a healthful diet. Aren’t I getting all of my essential nutrients from the foods that I am eating? Why would I need a multivitamin?

Answer: The truth is, most multivitamins contain a long list of ingredients; some are beneficial and others are likely harmful. That’s why there is so much conflicting information out there about multivitamins. (To learn more, read “Are Multivitamins a Waste of Money?”). If you do eat a healthful diet, you will be getting the vast majority of your nutrients from foods, however there are some nutrients that may be sub-optimal, even in a healthful diet, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc and iodine (To learn more, read “If I Eat a Healthy Diet, Do I Need a Multi?”). I designed my line of multivitamins to complement a healthful diet and fill in any nutritional gaps, without excess nutrients or potentially harmful ingredients.

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