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My Weight Loss has Slowed Down – Is My Metabolism Messed Up?

I started the ETL lifestyle approximately 3 weeks ago. I had the initial 5 lb. weight loss in the first week. However, I haven't lost another pound since. I am eating about 1300 calories per day and I exercise mostly by going up and down the stairs and working in the yard. I have done the ETL in the past and didn't add any exercise and still lost 3 pounds per week. I'm thinking that all this yo-yo dieting has completely messed up my metabolism. What do you think? I am very interested in doing a fast and would like your opinion about how to approach my doctor about assisting me. I do have a copy of your book.
Thanks so much!

You did not permanently destroy your metabolism. Remember a slower metabolism is healthier anyway. What will help you is to stop thinking of this program as a diet. Rather, it is simply the healthiest and sanest way for everyone to eat. Those that don't eat this way are simply foolish and shortening their lives. That said, it is perfectly normal for weight reduction to occur in a step-like fashion. Many people have a weight loss plateau after the first 4 - 6 months on the program where they lose weight at a much slower weight or none at all, and then the weight loss picks up again. Forget about the scale and concentrate on eating a high quality diet, and only when you are truly hungry. Let your metabolism do its thing, just be consistent with healthy eating; that is your problem. Stop counting calories and eat only when hungry. Only your body, not your calculator can tell you the precise amount of calories you need to maintain your lean body mass. Maybe 1300 is still too much and maybe not. In other words, do the program in its entirety. Stop looking for instant success. Don't consider fasting right now, you still don't have this eating part ironed out yet.

I'm so glad to hear that I haven't destroyed my metabolism. I have done very well this last 3 weeks on the ETL way of eating. I have been having the blueberry fruit smoothie for b-fast, salad with at least 5 veggies with beans and salsa for lunch and salad and cooked veggies for dinner. I have been very consistent except for 2x I've had fish. We had gone out to dinner. I couldn't even eat it all. All meat is a turn off. I've never been a big meat eater anyway. I have enjoyed excellent sleep which is such a blessing as I was up virtually every night for 4 hours, my lower back pain is gone along with the sluggish heavy feeling that I had all over my body. My mind is sharper and I have a lot more energy too. Also my PMS was less severe this month. I feel happy every day when I wake up and find that I am no longer moody. These benefits also have great value as do losing weight. I appreciate these physical improvements and they are evidence that my body is healing itself.


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