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Table of Contents


Table of Contents for Eat To Live

Chapter 1
Digging Our Graves With Forks & Knives: The Effects of the American Diet — Part I

Chapter 2
Overfed, Yet Malnourished: The Effects of the American Diet — Part II

Chapter 3
Phytochemicals: Nature's “Magic” Pills

Chapter 4
The Dark Side of Animal Protein

Chapter 5
Nutritional Wisdom Makes You Thin

Chapter 6
Breaking Free from Food Addiction

Chapter 7
Eat To Live Takes on Disease

Chapter 8
Your Plan For Substantial Weight Reduction

Chapter 9
Sculpting Our Future In The Kitchen: Menus and Recipes

Chapter 10
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How to Get Started

  • Easy-to-follow plan
  • Simple, flexible, and adaptable to your food preferences & dietary needs
  • Motivational and solutions-based to break free from obstacles—so there are no excuses
  • Menus and tips for those who are too busy to cook
  • 76 nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes with time saving suggestions for store-bought foods
  • Gradual transition plan
  • More flexible menu options
  • Customize to your needs
  • Self-paced progression
  • Menu suggestions with adaptable meal plans
  • 150 incredible healthful recipes of all types