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How do other, conventional diets stack up to
Dr. Fuhrman’s high-nutrient diet style, the gold standard
for substantial and permanent weight loss?


Grain or Potato-based Vegan Diet (high carb, extremely-low fat)

  1. Can result in moderate weight loss, but often not effective for those with significant metabolic hindrance to weight loss.
  2. Can result in reversal of heart disease for most people. However, the increase in glycemic load can raise triglycerides and limit benefits in reversing/resolving diabetes.
  3. There is no calorie counting, offers unlimited portions of most foods, totally vegan.
  4. Can help to prevent cancer, but not as cancer-protective as a diet containing seeds and nuts, which facilitate absorption of anti-cancer compounds.
  5. Some may develop symptoms from low levels of fatty acids and EPA and DHA deficiency, which can cause premature neurologic aging.

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Weight Watchers Program

  1. Involves calorie counting and portion control. Most people do not keep the weight off permanently with this type of diet.
  2. Reduces both calorie and nutrient levels simultaneously, reduces disease resistance, making you more likely to get the chronic diseases that afflict Americans today like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer (all which result in a premature death).

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South Beach Diet

  1. One of the most dangerous diets ever designed. The fact that it was written and promoted by a cardiologist makes it more threatening because heart patients, thinking it is safe, are encouraged to eat this way.
  2. You are told to move from a carbohydrate–restricted, high–protein phase back to a less restricted phase, but when you start to regain your weight (as you will inevitably do), you are instructed to go back to the more restricted phase again. This pattern of changing dietary phases accelerates the progression of atherosclerosis and promotes electrolyte swings that not only increase the likelihood of you getting a heart attack, but can predispose you to a life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia.
  3. Many are aware that ketogenic diets are dangerous if maintained long–term, but if done for a short–time on and off, as recommended in the South Beach plan, you lose weight, regain it, lose weight and regain it (i.e. yo–yo your weight), which is even more dangerous to your heart and your health.
  4. Full of incorrect, unscientific and fraudulent dietary advice on almost every page, starting with “lose belly fat first” as stated on the cover. Where you lose weight first is genetically determined.

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Atkins’ Diet

  1. Moderate weight loss for some, difficult to lose significant amounts of weight long–term. Documented to accelerate the progression of atherosclerosis. Medical journals report side effects such as constipation, kidney insufficiency, bad breath, fatigue, high cholesterol, life threatening cardiac arrhythmias and sudden death due to electrolyte imbalances.
  2. The diet richest in saturated fat of all others. Saturated fat is the food element best associated with cancer.

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