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Weight Loss
Sylvie M. lost 105 pounds, no longer is on blood pressure medication, is running marathons with her 25 year old son and has become a personal trainer; says she feels vibrant and energetic
I lost more than 100 pounds, quit smoking, and got rid of medication for high blood pressure. I am now a 51 year old marathoner that ran the 2011… read more
Teri A. lost 105 pounds, is off statin drugs,her anti-cancer strategy  is to follow a Nutritarian diet to avoid the early death sufferered by her sisters
After losing three family members in one year, I was at my highest weight ever on my wedding day in July of 2008. At 5ft.2in., I had reached 227… read more
Bill G. lost  100 pounds; no longer has high blood pressure or stomach problems, his cholesterol is normal; has energy for the first time in his life and is able to exercise and run for long periods
My life was out of control, but I didn’t know it. At 268 pounds, I couldn’t run or participate in activities; I was slowing down to a crawl. The… read more
Calogero C. lost 100 pounds in 7 months and no longer takes diabetes medication; says program saved his life and he tells everyone about it
EAT TO LIVE saved my life. I lost 100  pounds in  seven  months and I'm now free of all my diabetes medications. I used to be on insulin twice a day… read more
M. Ayala lost 95 pounds in four months and is still losing; he feels great and walks 16 miles a day
Thanks to Dr.Fuhrman for creating this program. I have lost 95 pounds in four months and still have about 135 more pounds to lose .I feel great… read more
Julie lost 94 pounds; says the weight literally fell off and she has more energy than she has had in the past 15 years; is off cholesterol and acid reflux meds; enjoys referring the program
I was 207 pounds, taking medication for thyroid, cholesterol, sleep, acid reflux,  and heartburn.  In the past, the only way I was able to lose… read more
Marcie lost 90 pounds in 10  months; she thinks more clearly and focuses better;  no longer has headaches or bouts of depression; people often don't recognize her
I was reluctantly determined to lose weight at the beginning of 2009. I felt terrible most of the time and had very little energy. I prayed to God… read more
Julie  K. lost 85 pounds; loves being nutritarian; no longer  takes depression medication; although embarrassed by how heavy she was, she hopes sharing her story will encourage others
When I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I weighed 230 pounds. I then went on a two month juice reboot and lost 27 pounds. During… read more
Nara S. lost 80 pounds; says her new  diet style cured her diabetes, and if she had not made the diet change, she would be one of thousands of diabetics taking medication like insulin shots
In 2009, before starting Dr. Fuhrman's diet, I was a size 20 and weighed 249 pounds. In 2010, I weighed 169 pounds and was down to a size 6! I… read more
Roxanne V. lost  78 pounds after a lifetime struggle of yo-yo dieting and food addiction; realizes she was on the road to suffering the chronic diseases common in her family as a result of their SAD diet
Did you know that age 57 is the new 20 thanks to Dr. Fuhrman!  I was  a chronically overweight yo-yo dieter,since I was 11 years old. I earned my… read more
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