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Weight Loss
melissa: Melissa C. is just starting on her  weight loss  journey; she realizes her life and health are in her hands and is fully committed to making a lifestyle change
I am 31 years old and just began your program yesterday. I weigh 222 pounds and I am 5ft 6in.I, like many of your patients, have tried it all, and… read more
Chris S. joined the Six Week Challenge and went from depressed, exhausted, sick, overweight and miserable to happy, energetic and  having a 4-pack in a year
 I was part of a Six Week Holiday Challenge contest. I went from depressed, exhausted, sick, overweight and miserable to happy, energetic and a… read more
Connie C. no longer has high cholesterol or  joint pain; her osteoporosis improved into osteopena and she expects her bones will soon be normal; she dropped down 6 dress sizes
A bone density test showed I had osteoporosis. I met with Dr. Fuhrman and he suggested that I take Osteo-Sun, continue juicing vegetables, and add… read more
Mark S. says he not only lost weight, he beat diabetes and heart disease and has become so passionate about his Eat To Live lifestyle he organized a vegan group in his area
I have beaten diabetes and heart disease since taking Dr. Fuhrman's advice and now speak well and frequently on the subject. I have also lost a… read more
Melinda C. was a vegan 12 years before starting the program, but  was eating junk and processed foods; now after  4 days on the program her chest pain and fast heart beat is much better
I just started this program four days ago. I was already vegan for  twelve years prior, however was eating junk food and lived on… read more
Mike and Lorena P. lost 26 pounds combined; Mike is no longer diabetic; this long haul trucker husband /wife team have learned to eat healthy on the road which is difficult eating at truck stops 
Our ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) referred us to Dr. Fuhrman’s website after my husband was diagnosed with diabetes.  We drive long haul for a living… read more
tkseeley: Terry S's three old  son stopped growing and had multiple health problems; on a plant-based diet he grew to normal size; no longer suffers digestive problems; mom and dad each lost 25 pounds
My eight year old son stopped growing when he reached his third birthday.  His skin turned a grey/green color, and his eyes drooped with dark… read more
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