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Weight Loss
Carol C. lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks and was amazed to see her cholesterol drop so low she is off medications
I visited my cardiologist in June 2012.  She wanted to put me on cholesterol meds and told me I needed to lose thirty pounds. My cholesterol was… read more
Sara lost 12 pounds; her cholesterol levels improved; her energy is soaring so much so she is able to do expand her exercise routine; she calls  the results of the program "amazing"
I strictly followed Dr. Furhman's Eat to Live plan for six weeks during the summer of 2012. I saw my cholesterol levels plummet and the excess… read more
Vern lost 12 pounds; his 90 year old mother has aortic stenosis and has been in hospice since July  2012. Since starting  the diet on March 1st she has not had spells of almost fainting or chest pains
My mother is 90 and has Aortic Stenosis and was placed on hospice July 12, 2012.  She has had spells of almost fainting and chest pains.  She has… read more
Ron lost 11 pounds; his clothes fit better and people have noticed his weight loss; he is confident of preventing diabetic complications; no longer has late night cravings
I started the six  week plan when I couldn't stop eating late at night because of cravings.  I found the recipes in the Eat to Live book easy to… read more
Angie: Andrea C. lost 10 pounds in two weeks and is continuing to lose a pound a day; and feels much better
The difference in the way I am feeling now is incredible. My last two weeks have been amazing. I have been looking for help. I don't have medical… read more
Anne became a healthy vegan because she was sick and tired of taking blood pressure medication which were not working. Three months later her pressure was normal without meds
I was on a medication for high blood pressure and it was making me literally sick and tired. I was suffering from depression and total insomnia… read more
Elizabeth C:  Elizabeth C. lost 10 pounds; her actual reason to go on the program  was to be healthier. Never did  she expect that  her  life long crippling mentstrual symptoms would virtually disappear.
Ever since I had my very first period at the age of 14, the pain (and accompanying symptoms) were so agonizing it was borderline traumatic. The… read more
Frank lost 10 pounds; a long time vegetarian, but after learning about Eat To Live  he realized his diet could improve,  now has more energy and peace; he says this diet is for everyone
As a long-time vegetarian, I have low cholesterol, good blood pressure, low PSA, good body weight, and good medical checkups. I work out… read more
James J.lost 10 pounds and his cholesterol levels dropped 80 points to a normal level in three weeks
After watching Dr. Fuhrman on his PBS Special 3 Steps To Incredible Health, I decided to switch to a complete vegetarian diet. I ate salads for… read more
Marland M lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off his waist and improved his cholesterol levels
I would like to thank you Eat To Live and the dedication involved in helping people like me to prevent diseases of the body.   I am an example of… read more
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