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Weight Loss
Dorothy L. lost 90 pounds; before changing her diet she was housebound and could not work; no longer depressed; is off all her medications, is back to work and  regained her self confidence
My weight loss journey has been ongoing and continues to this very day. I first heard about Eat  To Live in August 2003 when my sister Julia read… read more
Richard lost 90 pounds;  is off all medicines; runs a 5k race in 30 minutes; says it's amazing how good you feel when you use food for medicine; feels like a new person
Three years ago I weighed 290  pounds,  was on high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and triglyceride medicines and did not feel good.  I did… read more
Julie H. lost 88 pounds; no longer takes blood pressure medication and is free of debilitating headaches and vision disturbances
I started  the Eat To Live diet on January 27th 2012 in an attempt to control very high blood pressure that was not responding well to… read more
laura: Laura lost 88 pounds after a lifetime of yo-yo dieting; reversed her diabetes and depression; cholesterol is lower than on medications; no longer has sleep apnea; has loads of energy
Do you want to die young?  That was the question I asked myself a little over two years ago.  After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I finally decided… read more
Frankie lost 85 pounds and 8 pants sizes;  she has bought and sold ast cost 72 copies of Eat to Live to give to her customers who are interested in the Nutritatian lifestyle
I have had  weight problems all my life.  I've gone on various diets off and on only to put the weight right back on, plus some.  My whole family… read more
Adele L lost 83 pounds; no longer suffers chronic fatigue, skin infections, swollen ankles,  high blood pressure, morning cough and susceptibility to colds and respiratory allergies
As a nutritarian who has lost 83 pounds, I think of my daily walks along a fitness trail  as signposts of the life-affirming journey I started… read more
Nancy lost 81 pounds; before her weight loss she was in pain, always uncomfortable and rarely left her home; now she is  thrilled to have her life back; no more aches or pains;

Where do I begin? Being overweight has dominated so much of my life.  I was the typical yo-yo dieter...always dieting and losing some weight… read more
Gary lost 80 pounds; all his cholesterol numbers now are "perfect" according to his  doctor who now considers him her "poster patient"
With a history of diabetes in my family, I knew I was next in line to develop symptoms.  I had ballooned up to 251 pounds, had a BMI of 35, and a… read more
Gaylynn says attending a Dr. Fuhrman Heath Get-A-Way  transformed her life; she lost 80 pounds; no longer has sleep apnea, her husband lost  60 pounds; both life a fun energetic life

BJF [Before Joel Fuhrman], Mic and I were very much a victim of false nutritional information. Although we were eating healthier than most… read more
Julie lost 75 pounds along with her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PMS and migraine headaches,  nor does she suffer frequent illnesses as she did in the past
My journey to health started 14 months ago.  I was lying on the couch with my  three year old,  both sick again.  He had double ear infections, I… read more
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