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Weight Loss
Michael lost 25 pounds and weighs less than he did in high school; his LDL  is greatly improved and he can do yoga poses now that were impossible for him before
I  switched to a nutritarian diet after seeing Dr. Fuhrman on PBS, reading Eat to Live  and the China Study.  My LDL dropped from 119 to 84.  My… read more
Pat: Joan W. lost 25 pounds; had chronic bronchial asthma and has gone from taking 12 pills a day to 3;  no longer needs to walk with a cane;  lowered her cholesterol levels
I was taking  approximately twelve pills a day and walked with a cane. I had chronic bronchial asthma, depression and anxiety.  After only four… read more
Tom F.  Only by  following the Nutritarian plan was he able to lower his cholesterol
I have a family history of heart disease. Since I was 25, I have had my cholesterol checked yearly. No matter what I did, I could not get my… read more
Bob C. easily lost 24 pounds, only wishes he knew about  Eat To Live earlier in his life
I am 62 years old and I have not felt this well in twenty years. I don't take any medication for the first time in years and have been accused of… read more
TexMex: Leslie E. lost 24 pounds and says the diet is so easy to follow;  she loves  making different soup and salad recipes so it never gets boring
This program is easy to follow.  I love vegetables and fruit so it is easy to try new recipes.  Soups and salads are my best way to stay on track.… read more
Arbogast-Royer lost 22 pounds and no longer has high cholesterol; she is thrilled not to be on any medications
I saw  Dr. Fuhrman on the Dr. Oz  program and everything he said made sense.  I was committed from that moment on.  I printed the chart for whole… read more
J A. lost 22 pounds and loves her 27 inch waist
I have always been active and very aware of the foods I put into my body. However, when I hit my late thirties I noticed my weight starting  to… read more
ljm422 lost 22 pounds in  5 weeks and is looking forward to losing more, her cholesterol is in normal range and her diabetes is slowly being controlled without medication
I am a little early along to be bragging about amazing before and after pictures, but I have made such progress over six weeks that I could not… read more
sabinaa: Sabinaa was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2005 and now her thyroid is normal; she realizes health begins with the foods you eat
 In 2005, I was diagnosed with Grave's disease. Against the advice of three doctors, I did not have my thyroid removed or distroyed.  After taking… read more
Venki lost 22 pounds in two months and no longer needs diabetic medication;  family and friends are amazed by the improvement in his physical and mental health
I came across Dr.Fuhrman's book The End of Diabetes and read it cover to cover in a few days. I had been a diabetic since 2007 and was on the… read more
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