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Weight Loss
Fred H.  lost 35 pounds and no longer takes medication for A-fib and cholesterol; says he feels great, is thinking much clearer,  and totally believes in his new life style change
Inspired by Dr. Fuhrman's program, I start each morning with berries, unsweetened almond milk, I have a blended salad at noon with legumes and… read more
Jeff C. lost 35 pounds ; no longer has high cholesterol; his energy level soared and he longer fears an early death; is thankful to have his good health back again 
I had blood work done in late July 2013. My weight was over 240 pounds (I am 6' tall.) I had my blood pressure taken at the same time and it was… read more
Lee lost  40 pounds; no longer is diabetic; is off all his previous hypertension and cholesterol medications; he says it is the easiest weight loss plan, will stay on it for the rest of his life
I saw Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz and on PBS explaining his nutritarian plan. My wife immediately bought Eat to Live. After struggling too many times to… read more
LILY: Lily lost 35 pounds; she was taking 6 medications after having open heart surgery; now she is medication free
On April 18th  2010 my sister called to tell me about  Eat To Live.  I sat and listened to how happy she was to find this book. She convinced me… read more
Linda lost 34 pounds; beat her addiction  to chocolate and  junk food; says she will continue to be a nutritarian to avoid being plagued with disease as she grows older
I have gained and lost weight several times in my adult years. Most recently, after losing my job, I hit an all time high of 176.6 pounds and was… read more
Molly lost 34 pounds; her severe allergies are much better and she loves the way  she  now eats
I chose to start eating nutritarian because it made sense to me.  I lost 34 pounds, improved my severe allergies, and got over my aversion to… read more
DW: David W.'s  five year old son is now free of the violent tics that plagued him and is a healthy child; David lost 30 pounds, is still losing, and can quickly beat an attack of  acute sinusitis
Dr. Fuhrman saved my son!  And I lost over thirty pounds (more to come)!  On January 23rd 2012,  I took my two boys on a school field trip to Lego… read more
fernando: Fernando lost 32 pounds and is grateful to have the program
I need to lose weight and  also need support. I am feeling better than I have been. I am so grateful for the program. Thank you.
Peter lost 32 pounds, is off his cholesterol medication and no longer suffers from arthritis in his knees; his goal is to walk a mile on his 100th birthday with his 12 year old son
I've been a vegetarian for eight years, and, as I found out, not the healthiest one. I  always felt  frustrated that I never really looked the… read more
Phil G lost 32 pounds; his  blood pressure in normal and he no longer needs  cholesterol medication; his energy level is the highest it has been in years
I read Eat to Live by coincidence. Just picked it up off the book shelf. I am 60 and I had been on a beta blocker for 15 years. In the last… read more
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