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Sue lost 117 pounds says she is totally energized and no longer is pre-diabetic; before starting the program she says her body was starving for nutrition and she didn't  know it
When I was 28 years old I weighed 245 pounds and wore a size 22.  Climbing the stairs caused me to be out of breath. In our house we ate a steady… read more
Emily B. lost 105 pounds; says the encouragement she receives from the Member Center is a godsend; no longer is she  borderline diabetic and her cholesterol levels are normal
I started this journey to get my health back on July 10, 2008. On that day, I weighed 238 pounds, and now, I weigh 133 pounds. making a total weight… read more
Sylvie M. lost 105 pounds, no longer is on blood pressure medication, is running marathons with her 25 year old son and has become a personal trainer; says she feels vibrant and energetic
I lost more than 100 pounds, quit smoking, and got rid of medication for high blood pressure. I am now a 51 year old marathoner that ran the 2011… read more
Teri A. lost 105 pounds, is off statin drugs,her anti-cancer strategy  is to follow a Nutritarian diet to avoid the early death sufferered by her sisters
After losing three family members in one year, I was at my highest weight ever on my wedding day in July of 2008. At 5ft.2in., I had reached 227… read more
Bill G. lost  100 pounds; no longer has high blood pressure or stomach problems, his cholesterol is normal; has energy for the first time in his life and is able to exercise and run for long periods
My life was out of control, but I didn’t know it. At 268 pounds, I couldn’t run or participate in activities; I was slowing down to a crawl. The… read more
Calogero C. lost 100 pounds in 7 months and no longer takes diabetes medication; says program saved his life and he tells everyone about it
EAT TO LIVE saved my life. I lost 100  pounds in  seven  months and I'm now free of all my diabetes medications. I used to be on insulin twice a day… read more
M. Ayala lost 95 pounds in four months and is still losing; he feels great and walks 16 miles a day
Thanks to Dr.Fuhrman for creating this program. I have lost 95 pounds in four months and still have about 135 more pounds to lose .I feel great… read more
Julie lost 94 pounds; says the weight literally fell off and she has more energy than she has had in the past 15 years; is off cholesterol and acid reflux meds; enjoys referring the program
I was 207 pounds, taking medication for thyroid, cholesterol, sleep, acid reflux,  and heartburn.  In the past, the only way I was able to lose… read more
Jasmin S: lost 91 pounds by following Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live lifestyle!
I lost 91 pounds transitioning from a junk food vegan diet to a whole foods based one that Dr. Fuhrman advocates in Eat to Live. It has changed my… read more
Marcie lost 90 pounds in 10  months; she thinks more clearly and focuses better;  no longer has headaches or bouts of depression; people often don't recognize her
I was reluctantly determined to lose weight at the beginning of 2009. I felt terrible most of the time and had very little energy. I prayed to God… read more
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Success Stories
All Success Stories
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