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Janice N. is so grateful to no longer suffer severe neck pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or seasonal allergies which were making her life miserable; also lost 43 pound
I had very serious, chronic neck pain with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I had cervical stenosis, two bulging discs and arthritis. I was… read more
Jessica lost 42 pounds; having a family history of heart disease and cancer, she feels she is on right track to not follow in their footsteps; no longer suffers depression or craves sweets
I started Eat To Live because I wanted to change my genetics, and not  worry about getting cancer as I got older. My family has a  history of a… read more
Mieke lost 40 pounds; she and her husband had a head on collision with a drunk driver and sustained multiple injuries, they recovered quickly due to their nutritarian diet and astounded doctors
In 1999 I moved from Belgium to this country and gained 40 pounds during the first two and a half years here. I made several attempt to lose… read more
Helyn lost  38 pounds; she learned old age doesn't mean getting degenerative diseases and dementia; her blood pressure and cholesterol levels are better and her body continues to heal
I was raised by an Italian mother. Need I say more? In our house, food was not only for sustenance, it was part of our culture, heritage and… read more
Paul S.  reversed his severe heart disease after becoming a Nutritarian despite being told by  doctors surgery was the only answer for his condition; now is running marathons
At the age of 60, I was diagnosed with a blocked LAD artery as well as narrowing of the circumflex artery.  I was advised by a cardiologist that I… read more
Camille lost 20 pounds and is losing more; reversed diabetes and is working  to help others avoid hearing  three terrifying words from their doctor..."you have diabetes"
In February 2011, I was diagnosed with full-blown Type 2 Diabetes .When I first heard those three little, yet most frightening words, "you have… read more
Vaz  lost a staggering151 pounds; his two goals are to celebrate his 6 year old daughter's 50th birthday at which time he will be 96 and to educate other of the benefit of nutritional eating
I watched 3-Steps to Incredible Health and it started me on my way.  I have since become vegan, besides fish and eggs, and have developed many… read more
Ronnie V.  lost 140 pounds; previously he had quadruple bypass, balloon surgery and felt close to death; now his angina has ceased;  he is no longer is depressed and has his life back again
While at work in September 2005 I  felt a nagging pain in my chest which ended up going to the ER and having quadruple bypass surgery.  Feeling… read more
Charlotte M. lost a staggering 133 pound;  has had no further heart problems after suffering a stoke, serious tachycardia and 2 stents for 95 percent heart blockage; no longer is diabetic
It would be easy to blame my problems on heredity since I was heavy since childhood. There is a history of obesity, heart disease and diabetes on… read more
Adrienne G. lost  a staggering 128 pounds; no longer has pain or is retaining water; is off most meds; rings which didn't fit her went down a size; enjoys telling other about her new lifestyle
When I met Dr. Fuhrman, I weighed 319 pounds!  I was medicated for asthma, hypo-thyroid (at 300 mgs/day), glucose management (not yet a diabetic,… read more
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