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Julie lost 75 pounds and changed her life; her migraines are gone, her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is gone, no longer gets PMS; has enough energy to play with her children
My journey to health started 14 months ago.  I was lying on the couch with my  three year old,  both sick again.  He had double ear infections, I… read more
Janelle lost 72 pounds after 15 years of back pain and depression due to being overweight; although she was exercising she was sabotoging herself by her addiction to food and alcohol
After many years of high HDL/LDL, back pain, depression, anxiety and continued weight gain, despite the fact that I was exercising up to six days… read more
Linda F. lost 72 pounds; no longer needs diabetes medication or cholesterol and blood pressure meds, and has more energy than ever  despite having MS
After seeing Dr. Fuhrman on PBS I was very interested in what he said. I read Eat To Live and wanted to try it. I didn't think I could stay on a… read more
annie1029: Annie W.  lost 70 pounds; a former junk food vegan, she went from 34 percent body fat to 17 percent body fat;  her lipid profile is normal  and her depression has subsided
I became a vegan five years ago, but was grossly overweight due to inactivity and subsisting on processed vegan junk food, including lots of sugar… read more
Janice K. lost 50  pounds; is off high blood pressure medications; no longer suffers knee and hip pain; looks and feels ten years younger
While in the hospital for hiatus hernia surgery in November 2011 I watched a TV special featuring Dr. Fuhrman. I then realized that the way I eat… read more
Big Don lost 60 pounds, his wife lost 34 pounds; both were fighting a losing battle with diabetes, now  the couple is elated to be off all diabetic medications
I felt I was fighting a losing battle with diabetes. I was taking Glucophage, Actos, and Gluberide, and did not want  to start insulin injections.… read more
Kathleen lost 60 pounds;  realized that, unlike her father, she could beat her food addictions and not suffer the same unhealthy  fate he did as a result of being a food addict
I used to have a father. I know, big deal. Right? Many of us can say the same thing, and most of us will eventually say it at some point in our… read more
Mike M. lost 60 pounds; is no longer fearful of dying before his 50th birthday due to constant pain, taking many meds and  having ADHD,  now  off his diabetes, blood pressure meds; feels great
I was afraid I was going to be dead before my 50th birthday. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009 and  was put on six shots of insulin a day, two… read more
Terrence lost 60 pounds and 5 inches off his waist; he could not believe how fast weight came off; his cholesterol and blood pressure levels are much better
I came across Eat to Live at a book store.  It was the start of 2011, and my weight was going up every year.  I have a strong family history of… read more
Bankbiz lost 59 pounds and is thankful to now have the information she needs to be healthy; she has never been so happy
I began my journey to optimum health and well-being on December 1, 2012 with the Dr. Oz three day cleanse. During those three days I was also… read more
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