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Camille S. says Dr. Fuhrman's program helped her recover from Lyme's Disease
I consulted with Dr. Furhman when my son was very sick with rheumatic fever. He was extremely helpful. My son is now a top football player and the… read more
Christine B:  Christine credits her nutritarian lifestyle for having had a healthy pregnancy, quickly returning to her pre-pregnancy weight; now following Disease Proof Your Child  she has a healthy baby
As a patient of Dr. Fuhrman for over five years, I have become a big believer in his philosophy of nutrition. His program is less of a diet and… read more
cindy: Cindy's son had  multiple disorders;  now he has gained weight, height and is no longer autistic
Our son was diagnosed with multiple disorders including Retts, autism, apnea, cyanosis, failure to thrive, non-verbal (65 pounds and 4'7" in 2010). read more
Claudia experienced fantastic success on Eat to Live!
I'm in a good mood today because I just got the results back from my latest blood test, and it just keeps getting better and better, so I wanted… read more
Connie C.no longer has osteoporosis in her hip
A bone density test showed I had osteoporosis. I met with Dr. Fuhrman and he suggested that I take Osteo-Sun, continue juicing vegetables, and add… read more
Ivonne’s daughter is now free of ear infections
Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

We started on this diet because my 15 month old daughter was having a lot of ear infections, once a month. She is 15 months… read more
Jerri  significantly lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure since adding the G-BOMBS  to her diet; she has much  more energy and tells her docto, family r and friends about Dr. Fuhrman
I have been on the daily diet, excluding the beans, berries, mushrooms, and onions for about  eight years. After reading Super Immunity, and… read more
Joe is free of the  debilitating cluster headaches he had suffered for years 
My cluster headaches were cured after following Dr. Fuhrman's advice as outlined in his book.  I had suffered from them for years.
Karen D. is happy and healthy on her plant based diet, but it took 10 years for her husband, a cancer survivor  to make the connection between a nutritious diet and good health
I am writing on behalf of my entire family to thank you for your book Eat To Live.  After reading it along with the China Study, my family has… read more
Mark S. says he not only lost weight, he beat diabetes and heart disease and has become so passionate about his Eat To Live lifestyle he organized a vegan group in his area
I have beaten diabetes and heart disease since taking Dr. Fuhrman's advice and now speak well and frequently on the subject. I have also lost a… read more
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All Success Stories
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