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Peg stopped taking blood pressure medication after 2 weeks on the diet; no longer has sinus congestion and headaches; her husband lost 30 pounds
In November 2011 I was  feeling good.  I was working out and had lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers. However, my blood pressure spiked.  I had been… read more
Raymond lost 20 pounds after his wife had dramatic results and "dragged" him into the diet; now he is a committed vegan;  his cholesterol numbers plummeted
My wife dragged me into this way of eating.  I saw dramatic results with her.  I had a few health scares, so I quit drinking and  smoking in 2009.… read more
Rita lost 20 pounds; she attributes her very easy menopause  to eating a plant based diet; her husband is also on the diet; both don't want to die from cancer as did family members
I started a plant based lifestyle in Nov. 1997 and my husband in Jan.1998. A friend that had been trained through Hallelujah Acres told us about… read more
Robert lost 20 pounds and his acid reflux; he says  it's ironic the acid reflux that kept him up at night actually was the source of its cure because that is when he saw  Dr. Fuhrman on TV
I implemented the nutritarian approach using both a blender and a juicer, along with eating  produce raw and cooked. At 6ft. 2in. I lost 20… read more
Shannon lost 20 pounds and is still losing;  she is happy that three of her four grown children adopted the diet and lost weight, her youngest child is slowly following in their footsteps
I have always been conscious of my weight. I was careful what I ate and served my family.  Once I even tried being a vegetarian.  Unfortunately,… read more
Stephanie lost 20 pounds; no longer suffers hypoglycemic syndrome or has urinary tract infections; her gestational diabetes improved; her immunity is better, quickly heals from a cold
I had hypoglycemic syndrome so bad I would literally pass out if I did not eat every ninety minutes. A friend referred me Eat to Live. Within four… read more
Birdwell: Sandra lost 19  pounds and says "nothing tastes as good as the way I feel"
I have been over weight most of my adult life. Tried every diet possible short of surgery. In 2008 I was treated at MD Anderson for throat cancer.… read more
GenaBeautena lost 19 pounds by following her gynecologist's advice to read Eat to Live and is looking forward to losing more; she is enjoying improved health due to her new way of eating
During my annual gynecological exam in February, 2014, my doctor suggested that I read Dr. Fuhrman's book, Eat to Live and work the diet the month… read more
Brandy L. lost 18 pounds, her acne and five year depression are gone; feels in control of her health; is confident eating healthy will keep her from suffering the diseases prevalent in her family
I was always chubbier than my friends growing up. I was raised in your typical American family with fast food dinners. I ate exactly what all of… read more
Charlotte Z. lost 17 pounds and for the first time in her life is not obsessed with food; she feels free and extremely happy
I found for the first time in my life that I'm not obsessed with food and don't feel hungry. I feel free and clear and extremely happy!
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