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William O. lost 22 pounds; his doctor congratulated after learning he no longer needs medications for high cholesterol or has restless leg syndrome; his cravings for toxic foods are gone
At age 58, I had been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, high cholesterol, and sinusitis. I was experiencing headaches as well as leg cramps on… read more
Zina lost 22 pounds; no longer wakes up feeling stiff with severe joint pains, the dark colored splotches she had on her face are gone; her spider veins have almost disappeared; boyfriend lost 20 pounds
After seeing Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz, I bought Eat To Live.  It opened my eyes to what I was rushing into the way I was eating.  I immediately… read more
Alfred W.  lost 21 pounds; following Dr. Fuhrman's advice, this 71 year old man has started exercising  and says it is working well for him
I'm 71, I'm taking your advice on exercising, and it's working really well for me. I've lost 21 pounds!
Gina G lost 21 pounds; has normal cholesterol and blood pressure; calls her new lifestyle an amazing health journey;  went from size 10/12 pants to size 6; has tons of energy
What a amazing journey I have been on! I have been battling high cholesterol,  pre-high blood pressure and a chronic pain condition for many… read more
apercival: Apercival lost 20 pounds in a month, previously he had tried very hard to lose weight, but it only came off when he went on a vegan diet; his cholesterol and blood pressure have also improved
My wife, kids and I have been eating a vegan(ish) diet since the firstt of the year.  By Feb. 1st (without much exercise) I lost 20 plus pounds.… read more
Bill  T.  lost 20 pounds;  his cholesterol numbers are much improved and he no longer snores; his wife lost 15 pounds
On September 15th, 2009 (a day after her birthday) my wife had a heart attack and two stents. This was a complete shock because she had lost… read more
cmg: Cmg lost 20 pounds; discontinued her toxic topical acne medications and her skin is clearer than ever; her digestive system is healthier; her sinus headaches are almost completely gone
About a year ago I read Eat to Live and it has been an incredible journey. I began dieting at around age fifteen and spent many years successfully… read more
Dan suffered a heart attack despite being an active marathon runner, adopting Eat to Live has allowed him to lace up his running shoes again.
Dear Dr Fuhrman:

I am writing to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your books and website and tell you our success story. As a long-time… read more
Desirée: Desiree M. lost 20 pounds and says although she wasn't obese she wasn't healthy  when she didn't question what she ate; she wrote her  Master's thesis on changing  to a  healthy lifestyle
I never questioned what I ate, where it came from, how many calories, except what tasted good and what did not. I was never obese, nor considered… read more
Diane M. lost 20 pounds after years of  trying many different diets and fasting and binging; now  she enjoys following Eat To Live recipes  and has given up her bad eating habits
At age 17, I was diagnosed with a goiter and treated with radioactive iodine. Doctors told me there would be a period of adjustment before my… read more
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