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Stephanie lost 20 pounds; no longer suffers hypoglycemic syndrome or has urinary tract infections; her gestational diabetes improved; her immunity is better, quickly heals from a cold
I had hypoglycemic syndrome so bad I would literally pass out if I did not eat every ninety minutes. A friend referred me Eat to Live. Within four… read more
Birdwell: Sandra lost 19 pounds and  now can control what she puts in her mouth for the first time in her life;  finally free of her unhealthy cravings, she says nothing tastes as good as the way she feels
I have been over weight most of my adult life. Tried every diet possible short of surgery. In 2008 I was treated for throat cancer. During… read more
Brandy L. is free of  her 5 year bout with depression and feels amazing
It feels great to have control over my health. My depression of five years is gone and my skin is completely clear of acne. I lost eighteen pounds… read more
DANDYO: Toni  lost 17 pounds and is thankful  to be off her "diet merry go round;"  she read Eat To Live twice and believes Dr. Fuhrman should get an award for it; no longer uses her inhaler
I just want to thank Dr. Fuhrman for getting me off of the "DIET MERRY GO ROUND" and for writing  Eat To Live. I lost 17 pounds effortlessly.  I… read more
Ed E. feels so good he urges all fellow type 1 diabetics  follow Eat To Live
I am stunned! have had type 1 diabetes for 25 years, have been on many different regimes, including an insulin pump, and never have I had blood… read more
Karin's severe headaches are a thing of the past without medications
I was semi vegetarian prior to April 2013 with a CRP test result of 3.  According to my cardiologist my other test results were within values. I… read more
Averill lost 15 pounds; no longer is out of breath after climbing stairs; significantly lowered his bad cholesterol levels and believes he will not follow in his family's history of bad health
I am a  53 year old male. About a year ago I had a renal infarct, I was later diagnosed with a Protein S deficiency.  My hematologist has put me… read more
Carol went on the program with her daughter and lost 15 pounds in six weeks; her cholesterol is almost within the normal range; she says she feels so much better
I live in California and in November  2012 my doctor requested routine lab work done.  The results showed that my cholesterol was high and the… read more
Diane is happily  back to her pre-pregnancy weight
I am excited to tell people  how I have lost  5 pounds and how I have not given up anything but weight! I was given the book Eat For Health and… read more
Julie B. is back on her healthy eating track after a family reunion setback
At  age 60, I was literally dying to lose weight when I found Eat To Live. Over the years I had tried everything, but weighed more than ever.  I… read more
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