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Todd T. lost 48 pounds and his psoriatic arthritis  joint pains subsided
After the death of my favorite uncle from congestive heart failure, I knew I was heading in the direction that would put me in the same situation… read more
MaryBeth resolved her life-long acne and has a radiant complexion
Dr. Fuhrman and Eat To Live has helped me to keep up my energy. As a busy self-employed professional, there's no time for sick days, or not… read more
Shannon a world class athlete thanks Dr. Fuhrman for getting her life back
I was a world class athlete in two sports and  participated in the US Olympic Trials in swimming (1984) and rowing (1996). Throughout my years… read more
Jessica:   Jessica M. is  finally free of her powerful food addiction
Most likely  you are reading this because you have a desire to lose weight, get healthier or both. I was in your shoes not so long ago, deeply and… read more
Donna: The MOP program is helping  Donna to reach her ultimate health goals
A metamorphosis is taking place.  I was encased in a cocoon of intense fibromyalgia pain and was stuck in a pattern of sofa-work-sofa-work repeat… read more
Jeff  G .no longer suffers from GERD or uses an asthma inhaler
At age 45 I got very sick and was bleeding internally from acid reflux (GERD).  The doctors just told me to stop drinking and take Prilosec… read more
shedizuz: Shedizuz shed her chemotherapy 40 pound weight gain
I am an eight year breast cancer survivor and living with lupus for 28 years.  When I was diagnosed with triple negative basal like carcinoma, the… read more
Anthony C.'s  wife  wisely prescribed Eat To Live for his alarming high triglycerides
My husband, Anthony, has a very inspiring Eat To Live story. Although he had known about  Eat To Live for years though me, he had resisted… read more
Ginger won the battle with her food addiction which was making her sick
Many people comment that I look years younger and ask my secret. I tell them the secret is in the greens. Then I give them a copy of Eat To Live.… read more
Lacey's: Lacey's debilitating migraines for over 13 years kept her going to numerous doctors, trying various prescription pain killers, now she is happily migraine free and has lost 40 pounds
I dealt with debilitating migraines for over 13 years, getting about  three  to four  a week, with symptoms that included vomiting, blurred… read more
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