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Mary M: Seventy five year Mary M.  lost 60 pound and hikes rigorous trails in  local State Parks
I am seventy- five years old, and following the death of my husband, I gained forty pounds in two years reaching 170 pounds. I am 5ft. 2in. I had… read more
Robert P's 60 pound weight loss saved his life
I gained about 30 pounds seemingly overnight. At age 34 I began having labored breathing and was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. This disease caused… read more
Ryan K. lost  60 pounds in six months
 Although I was a gym rat,  a sports nut, always exercising and lifting heavy weights, I  had hypertension, high cholesterol, migraines, anxiety,… read more
Karen:   Karen lost 59 pounds and gained energy to enjoy life again
By November of 2012 my many medical problems had dragged me down to the point where I was carrying 226 pounds on my 5'6" frame and felt tired and… read more
Gayle's arthritis joint deposits on her toes and fingers are virtually gone
I dove into Super Immunity after hearing Dr. Fuhrman on the radio. I had trouble working the past year due to arthritis and had just completed… read more
Shannon is free of weekly migraine headaches
I learned about Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live program while watching Dr. Oz.  When Dr. Fuhrman talked about how you can get rid of migraines by… read more
Randy lost 54 pounds, wife 35 pounds, son 45 pounds
My family started the Nuritarian way of living after several attempts at dieting and getting healthy.  We tried various methods; all failed to… read more
Stephen:  Using his collection of  3500 Nutritarian recipes Stephen lost 54 pounds
I have two Nutritarian weight loss stories. I am an  international  airline pilot.  My first weight loss story started about ten years ago. On a… read more
John P:  John P. stopped feeling like 100 years old after losing 52 pounds
Three months ago, I saw Dr. Fuhrman's 3 Steps to Incredible Health. I was pre-diabetic and insulin resistant and could not lose any weight. I was… read more
Rev. Susan (Suz)  lost 52 pounds and committed to the program for life
I first tried Eat to Live in 2006 and lost 40 pounds, felt better than I ever had. Then started to regain weight, although I kept 25 pounds off… read more
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