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Susan lost 40 pounds and had to buy a new wardrobe
The year before I started the Eat to Live plan I had as many as three migraines per week.  I had seven sinus infections that year. Arthritis in my… read more
Sushi lost 40 pounds
I bought Eat to Live book after watching Dr. Fuhrman on PBS.  After three  weeks I no longer had heartburn and stopped taking medication for it.… read more
Joe Taylor lost 37 pounds in six weeks; reduced his diabetic and blood pressure medications; his injured knee is less painful; his doctor is in shock
The real secret of success on this plan is that you are always full.  Once you eat huge salads, you no longer crave unhealthy foods.  For 50 of my… read more
Atlanta Family: Guided by  Disease Proof Your Child, parents improved the health of  3 young daughters
We have had tremendous success as a Nutritarian family. My husband and I both t read Eat To Live. I also read Disease Proof Your Child, and have… read more
Christina lost 35 pounds; her blood sugars normalized and she was able to wean off her insulin resistance medication; her acne is better; she sleeps better and has more energy
I had been struggling with the weight gain and insulin resistance that resulted from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for over ten years.  I  worked very… read more
Fred H. no longer takes  A-fib or cholesterol medications
Inspired by Dr. Fuhrman's program, I start each morning with berries, unsweetened almond milk, I have a blended salad at noon with legumes and… read more
Jeff C. lost 35 pounds ; no longer has high cholesterol; his energy level soared and he longer fears an early death; is thankful to have his good health back again 
I had blood work done in late July 2013. My weight was over 240 pounds (I am 6' tall.) I had my blood pressure taken at the same time and it was… read more
DW's  five year old son is free of violent tics and is a healthy child
Dr. Fuhrman saved my son!  On January 23rd 2012,  I took my two boys on a school field trip to Lego Land, FL. Half way through the day, Bo, my… read more
Sharon G was surprised  how fast she was symptom free from  Myasthenia Gravis
I followed Dr. Fuhrman's recipes and advice in the two books Eat to Live and Super Immunity.  I did not expect the fast results I got.  I was on… read more
Amie. After going on the program she and her husband were able to get life insurance
My husband  is 45 years old and I am 35. We started the program six months ago.  He was rejected for life insurance two years ago because of  high… read more
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