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Derek S. lost 40 pounds in 4 months, says he has not been at his current weight since high school;  no longer has to take blood pressure medications and feels his health has been restored
When I saw Dr. Fuhrman’s special on PBS in February 2012, I knew that I had to do something to take care of my health.  I was borderline obese and… read more
Jim A. lost 40 pounds and his wife lost 35 pounds;  he is off all medications; both feel great and are recommending the program to family and friends
This testimony is for my wife JoAnn and myself. We started the program January 5th 2013, two weeks before JoAnn's 70th birthday. JoAnn lost about… read more
Michael lost 40 pounds; his Crohn's  disease cleared up, his arthritis causes him  less pain, and his mood improved; he is enjoying life as never before
I was In terrible pain from Crohn's disease and arthritis, I read Eat to Live  and not knowing what else to do, having tried everything else, I… read more
Steven B. lost  40 pounds;  his difficult to control blood pressure because of his polysystic  kidney disease is much better; his ankles no longer swell and the pain from the cysts is virtually gone 
My wife bought Eat To Live and decided to give it a try. I am absolutely amazed at the results. Within just a couple of weeks, fat seemed to be… read more
Susan lost 40 pounds, after 8 months on the diet she had to buy a new wardrobe, not even her shoes fit; her headaches, arthritis and sinus infections are much better; has much  more energy
The year before I started the Eat to Live plan I had as many as three migraines per week.  I had seven sinus infections that year. Arthritis in my… read more
Sushi lost 40 pounds, normalized her blood pressure and no longer has heartburn; her goal is to kick having sugar entirely;  her doctor is very pleased with her progress
I bought Eat to Live book after watching Dr. Fuhrman on PBS.  After three  weeks I no longer had heartburn and stopped taking medication for it.… read more
Tony lost 40 pounds after 7 weeks on the diet and he is continuing to lose; a diabetic for 20 years he no longer requires insulin;  hasn't had an asthma attack; no longer has leg and foot pain
A friend gave me Eat To Live. I am a type II diabetic using Humolog and Lantus. I am morbidly obese weighing 338 pounds. I have been a diabetic… read more
Joe Taylor lost 37 pounds in six weeks; got off one high blood pressure medicine;  reduced the amount of one his diabetic medicines; his injured knee is less painful; his doctor is in shock
The real secret of success on this plan is that you are always full.  Once you eat huge salads, you no longer crave unhealthy foods.  For 50 of my… read more
Atlanta Family:  A famly nurtritarian success story! Dad lost 30 pounds. no longer has asthma; three daughters are free of  various chronic conditions; ADD/ADHD improved; mom no longer suffers migraines
We have had tremendous success as a nutritarian family. My husband and I both first read Eat To Live in 2005.  He began following the plan, and… read more
Christina lost 35 pounds; her blood sugars normalized and she was able to wean off her insulin resistance medication; her acne is better; she sleeps better and has more energy
I had been struggling with the weight gain and insulin resistance that resulted from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome for over ten years.  I  worked very… read more
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