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Meet Julia S.
Julia S. lost 105 pounds after having three heart attacks within three months and five angioplasties in a three-year period;  believes without  Dr.Fuhrman's program she would not be alive
After three heart attacks within three months of each other and five angioplasties in a three-year period, I was still very ill. I almost died… read more
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Heart Disease
Karen lost 59 pounds, no longer feels defeated by many medical problems,  her cholesterol is normal; she  is exercising and walking;  feels like her old self with energy to enjoy life again
By November of 2012 my many medical problems had dragged me down to the point where I was carrying 226 pounds on my 5'6" frame and felt tired and… read more
Todd T. lost 48 pounds improved his autoimmune disease, psoriatic arthritis,  joint pain and inflammation have subsided; lowered his blood pressure
After beginning a plant-based diet once last year, I was a little frustrated because I had kept way too much olive oil and starchy foods in my… read more
Ginger lost  40 pounds; is no longer addicted to the foods that were making her sick;  her food allergies are gone; her need for a long daily naps is gone;  looks much younger
I started the Eat To Live six week challenge in January of 2010. A few months before, I read about green smoothies and replaced breakfast with… read more
Ms. Happy Heart lost 37 pounds and is still losing; no longer has chest pains and feels better than ever; her daughter lost 15 pounds and is also committed to their new diet lifestyle
I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Fuhrman for offering free access to all the website has to offer during the six week period of the… read more
Chris S. lost 34 pounds; no longer has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, night sweats, plantar fasciitis, or chest pains; no longer takies medications; feels more confident about his looks 
I’m a single dad of a teen and knew my health was declining.  I am a typical, successful middle-aged male; however, I was deeply worried. My… read more
Tina B. lost 30 pounds by following her cardiologist's recommendation to follow the Eat To Live diet style;  continues to  lose weight; feels better than ever; her friend also lost 30 pounds
My cardiologist gave me an eating plan to lose weight. No carbs, no dairy, beef only once a month, salad, beans, oatmeal, fruits. He then added,… read more
Paul S. became a nutritarian after being advised surgery was the only answer for his severe heart disease; he experienced total reversal without surgery and is  running marathons
In June 2006 at the age of 60, I was diagnosed with a blocked LAD artery as well as narrowing of the circumflex artery.  I was advised by a… read more
Roger D. lost 65 pounds; the amount of HIV in his blood has dropped to being undetectable which he credits not only medication, but his healthy diet;  blood pressure and cholesterol are much better
In 1989, I discovered that I was HIV-positive and my world crumbled, I had never been a drinker,  but at that time HIV was associated with a death… read more
Ed R. lost 30 pounds and his cholesterol went from 200  to 134; he says he could not have accomplished this without the program
I purchased the program that was advertised on PBS. My cholesterol was around 200 and my weight was 190 pounds at the time. After six months of… read more
Gary J suffered  a stroke and an aneurism which put him in a coma for two weeks; now has normal blood pressure, takes less meds;  lost 20 pounds and rides a recumbent tricycle daily
I was a vegetarian for several years. In early 2004 my blood pressure was increasing.  Then, on April 16, 2004 I collapsed in my shop. My left arm… read more
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