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Tony lost 40 pounds after 7 weeks on the diet and he is continuing to lose; a diabetic for 20 years he no longer requires insulin;  hasn't had an asthma attack; no longer has leg and foot pain
A friend gave me Eat To Live. I am a type II diabetic using Humolog and Lantus. I am morbidly obese weighing 338 pounds. I have been a diabetic… read more
Joe Taylor lost 37 pounds in six weeks; got off one high blood pressure medicine;  reduced the amount of one his diabetic medicines; his injured knee is less painful; his doctor is in shock
The real secret of success on this plan is that you are always full.  Once you eat huge salads, you no longer crave unhealthy foods.  For 50 of my… read more
Lee lost  40 pounds; no longer is diabetic; is off all his previous hypertension and cholesterol medications; he says it is the easiest weight loss plan, will stay on it for the rest of his life
I saw Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz and on PBS explaining his nutritarian plan. My wife immediately bought Eat to Live. After struggling too many times to… read more
CRSeidel lost 30 pounds; drugs couldn't  satisfactorily lower her cholesterol;  but her healthy  diet did;  her husband no longer needs insulin for his diabetes which to them is a "miracle"
My husband and I have been following Dr. Fuhrman's  food suggestions for about a year and a half. The first thing that happened was that Bob, who… read more
Phyllis lost 30 pounds; after being a diabetic for 27 years, having renal and heart failure, and two strokes which caused her to almost die, she is now thrilled to be on the road to recovery
In 2010 I was hospitalized with acute renal failure.  I had gained over 100 pounds in water weight. I  had congestive heart failure along with the… read more
sarnio: Sarnio lost 30 pounds; no longer needs medication for diabetes, high blood pressure or  GERDS; at 60, she feels as energetic as when she was 25 years old; husband cut down meds
Since following this eating plan I am off my Lantus medication (for diabetes) and my diovan for hypertension as well as my tecta for GERD.  I am… read more
David R. lost 28 pounds; in just 4 months he was able to come off his diabetes medicine
I have been on Dr. Fuhrman's diet since July 2011. I have lost 28 pounds.  I was taken off Actos, and put on another drug that was safer.  My… read more
Frank lost 22 pounds; after suffering from diabetes for10 years he had a heart attack;  now his diabetes numbers are getting better and better;  lowered his cholesterol
I  have had diabetes for ten years. Initially, I was determined and controlled it well, but, over the years, slipped back to old habits. Then, in… read more
ljm422 lost 22 pounds in  5 weeks and is looking forward to losing more, her cholesterol is in normal range and her diabetes is slowly being controlled without medication; feels better than ever
I am a little early along to be bragging about amazing before and after pictures, but I have made such progress over six weeks that I could not… read more
Venki lost 22 pounds and no longer needs diabetic medication; his blood pressure dropped to normal;  family and friends are amazed by the improvement in his physical and mental health
I came across Dr.Fuhrman's book The End of Diabetes and read it cover to cover in a few days. I had been a diabetic since 2007 and was on the… read more
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