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Mike lost 26 pounds; after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2003, for the first time  his glucose levels are normal; his wife lost 18 pounds
In 2003 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At that time I weighed 286 pounds and  my A1C was 11. I followed standard dietary advise and lost 51… read more
Lois W. lost 82 pounds and credits her healthy diet for staying cancer free and stopping insulin 
I am 59 years old and I started the Eat For Health program in September 2011. Today is May 10, 2012 and I have lost 81 pounds to date. I thank… read more
Jerry lost 78 pounds and with it went his diabetes; no longer requires any meds for his once high cholestrol and high blood pressure; his wife lost 35 pounds and looks fantastic
In September 2013 my wife taped a Dr. Oz show. There was a doctor on that segment that would save me: Dr. Fuhrman. I watched the segment and was… read more
Heather S.  lost 55 pounds and went from size 14 to size 4
I  am 41 years old and when I began Dr. Fuhrman's Eat To Live  program I weighed 180  pounds and was a size 14. I am currently 125 pounds and a… read more
7160jn lost 50 pounds; his doctor took him off some of his diabetes and blood pressure medications; no longer suffers the severe leg cramps he had for 20 years
I am happy to have lost weight and have my doctor take me off of some of my diabetes  and high blood pressure medicines. And an unexpected benefit… read more
Karl lost 50 pounds after learning about theNutritiarian lifestyle from his his youthful, energetic 80 year old in-inlaw's; now he  is below his high school weight;  no longer takes medication
High blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetic, COPD and Irritable Bowel Syndrome were the major health issues in my life in addition to being… read more
Sue  believes if she was not followiing the Eat To Live program she would be dead
If we had not changed to Dr. Fuhrman's diet, I would  have died.  I think our son, through Dr. Fuhrman, saved my life. For ten years I experienced… read more
Ruth C. .amazed her doctor by her 47 pound weight loss
I started following the Eat To Live program in October 2006 after trying and failing with several other plans. I weighed 184 pounds when I… read more
Pam  Her doctor was amazed how good her blood work after just 3 months on Eat To Live; she also lost 45 pounds, her husband lost 28 pounds;
I just want to say thank you.  Last year in the fall of 2012,  I was watching the Dr Oz. show and Dr. Fuhrman was a guest.  I watched the show and… read more
tonedeff: Tonedeff lost 45 pounds; reduced his diabetes medication and his blood glucose is normal;  he cut his blood pressure medication in half; says each doctor visit brings a new reduction in meds
I started Eat to Live in January  2013. I  had read the book a few weeks earlier and must admit found the concepts fascinating, but felt  it was… read more
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