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Brendalyn says program changed her life spiritually and emotionally
I have struggled with overeating, maintaining weight loss, and blood chemistry imbalances since I was 21 years old which has been a forty two year… read more
Karl:  Shedding his habit to eat to feel better Karl lost 130 pounds
I weighed  303 pounds and felt horrible. I was taking insulin, metformin, januvia, lipitor, and diovan for my diabetes.  One morning I was walking… read more
Ed R. lost 30 pounds and his cholesterol plummeted
I purchased the program that was advertised on Dr. Fuhrman's  PBS show. My cholesterol was around 200 and my weight was 190 pounds at the time.… read more
Tony L:  Guided by Dr Fuhrman's advice Tony L, a type 1 diabetic,  feels better than ever
 At age 20 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I was deathly ill, and admitted myself to the emergency room where they clocked my blood sugar at… read more
Stan wishes he had heard of Dr. Fuhrman 20 years ago
I have had a weight problem all my life which I blamed it on genes from my mother's side of the family. I tried several popular diet programs, but… read more
Helen T.  At age 86  lost 85 pounds and went off insulin
I was tired all the time, but I thought it was due to old age, not wrong food choices. Around age 60, I developed diabetes and was put on an oral… read more
Zzenozzephyr lost 155 pounds and reversed  diabetes
In November 2012 I finally decided to go to the doctor because my health symptoms were becoming unbearable. It was a life changing visit. I… read more
Michael: When diagnosed with diabetes he refused to accept his doctor's insistance he would be diabetic all his life; instead followed The End of Diabetes; lost 90 pounds and with it his diabetes
I was scheduled to see the doctor about my annual physical in early July, but on June 25th I got a phone call from him. He said to come in first… read more
Free2Bme.  Following all she learned in The End of  Diabetes  book  she  lost 52  pounds  and no longer takes diabetes medication;  her only regret is not having the book earlier in her life
I started reading The End of Diabetes and very slowly began to make changes in all areas of living.  When I started to understand what Dr. Fuhrman… read more
Ellen and her husband are family doctors, both recommend  Eat To Live to their patients
With a strong family history of diabetes I thought I might get it one day as I had been overweight most of my life.  The day I checked my A 1C and… read more
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