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The power of superior nutrition!

Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman with their success stories. You can read about their struggles and success in these pages. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

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Suzy: When Suzy's husband was diagnosed with diabetes they switched to the Nutritarian progam, now both are off medications and life is better than ever
As soon as my husband was diagnosed with diabetes we went on the Nutritarian program. He already lives with multiple sclerosis, hypertension, high… read more
*Results may vary
John stopped taking his diabetes medication and has more energy than he has had in the past 20 years
My mom gave me book The End of Diabetes. So. when I was  diagnosed with diabetes with an HbA1c of 13.7. I had the motivatation I needed to start… read more
*Results may vary
Karl:  Karl says losing 130 pounds saved his life; with it went his diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
I weighed 303 pounds and felt horrible. I was taking insulin, metformin, Januvia, Lipitor, and Diovan for my diabetes.  One morning I was walking… read more
*Results may vary
Steve's journey to losing 220 pounds began when he and his wife juiced for 60 days and then followed the Nutritarian lifestyle; now the whole family lost a combined whopping 337 pounds
On New Year’s Eve 2013, I had my normal insomnia and lay tossing and turning, while my husband Steve, lay next to me with his sleep apnea snoring… read more
*Results may vary
Helen: After suffering diabetes, heart attacks and a stroke, Helen lost 85 pounds, is off insulin and says without following Eat To Live she would be housebound
I was tired all the time, but thought it was due to old age, not wrong food choices. Around age 60, I developed diabetes and was put on an oral… read more
*Results may vary
Tony, a type 1 diabetic lost 20 pounds; loves his intense workouts and feels better than ever
At age 20 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was deathly ill, and admitted myself to the emergency room where they clocked my blood sugar at… read more
*Results may vary
Amy, a type 1 diabetic, says Dr. Fuhrman was the answer to her prayers to control her diabetes
In September of 2013, I had the awesome privilege of meeting and interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Sacramento's PBS local affiliate station, KVIE… read more
*Results may vary
Zzenozzephyr: Kenneth lost an amazing 155 pounds and reversed diabetes after his doctor recommended Eat To Live
In November 2012 I finally decided to go to the doctor because my health symptoms were becoming unbearable. It was a life changing visit. I… read more
*Results may vary
Michael reversed his diabetes despite his doctor telling him that it wasn't possible and diabetes was something he had to live with.
On June 25, 2013 I was told I had diabetes. My blood glucose was 252 fasting. My blood pressure, even though I was on medicine, was still out of… read more
*Results may vary
Free2Bme: Gisele lost 52  pounds and no longer takes any medication
I started reading The End of Diabetes and very slowly began to make changes in all areas of living.  When I started to understand what Dr. Fuhrman… read more
*Results may vary
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