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Marty lost 70 pounds and is no longer diabetic or suffering from high blood pressure; he  now realizes that ignorance is not bliss but rather knowledge is power
I am not sharing my story with you to get sympathy or praise, but to try to inspire you to take a minute for yourself.  I want you to ask yourself… read more
Scott lost 68 pounds and is grateful for his new health: diabetes gone; high blood pressure gone;  high cholesterol gone; nerve pain in his hands and feet almost gone; fatty liver gone
I want Dr. Fuhrman to know how he helped me. I was 270  pounds s at 6'1" and really just  falling apart. In March 2012 I was diagnosed with… read more
John P:  John P. lost 52 pounds in 3-1/2 months; his 48 inch waist  is now  a tight 38,  dropped from a 3x shirt size to a large; before going on the diet he felt like 100 years old, now he feels great
Three months ago, I saw Dr. Fuhrman's 3 Steps to Incredible Health. I was pre-diabetic and insulin resistant and could not lose any weight. I was… read more
Donna lost 42 pounds; when given her fibromyalgia diagnosis doctors told her it could not be cured but it is now gone as is her diabetes
A metamorphosis is taking place.  At the beginning of the challenge I was encased in a cocoon of intense fibromyalgia pain and was stuck in a… read more
Anthony C. lost 40 pounds; his triglycerides reached 962, his doctor prescribed medication, his wife prescribed Eat To Live; following her advice his triglycerides and glucose levels are normal
We are submitting a joint challenge entry as I signed my husband, Anthony, to the challenge through my Dr. Fuhrman membership.  Anthony has a very… read more
Olga C. is 90  years old and after being diabetic for 30 years and suffering two diabetic comas and a stroke, she no longer needs insulin; lost 32 pounds and walks 40 minutes evey day
I am 90 years old.  I was obese and suffered with insulin dependent diabetes for more than  thirty years. Before I started this different way of… read more
Tony lost 32 pounds; stopped taking diabetic medication; the biggest revelation to him is the fact that he never had good results with medications which also made him ill
I am 57 years old. Like everyone in my family I have always had a weight problem.  I maxed out at 405 pounds (6 ft tall.)The following two years I… read more
InspiredNina: Inspired Nina S; had a miscarriage due to untreated diabetes and now is on a journey to reach a healthy weight ( has lost 30 pounds),  overcome diabetes, depression, and food addiction
This is about my commitment to the Holiday Challenge. I only started this a few weeks ago, and already feel the strongest commitment to any… read more
Brendalyn lost 27 pounds; all her blood chemistry are within normal limits; says program has changed her life spiritually and emotionally; has more energy and is exercising more than ever
I have struggled with overeating, maintaining weight loss, and blood chemistry imbalances since I was 21 years old which has been a forty two year… read more
Jane and Bob B. lost a total of 50 pounds; are continuing to lose; after being pre-diabetic they  are healthier  than ever;  love working in the kitchen together making nutritiarian dishes
Thank you,  thank you, for sharing this way of eating.  It is truly changing our lives.
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