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Susan W. lost  215  life-threatening pounds and feels alive again
At 380 pounds, miserable doesn’t adequately describe how I felt. I was always heavy. My life was filled with perpetual yo-yo weight gains and… read more
Susan W. lost  a life changing 215 pounds and is no longer is diabetic
I started the six week Eat To Live challenge and extended it. In six months I lost 120 pounds, by fourteen months 200 pounds, and 215 pounds to… read more
Robert lost  200 pounds, sold his motorized wheelchair
I was over 400 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic allergies, osteo-arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, when my family… read more
Dan M. lost 143 pounds  regained sexual function
I lost 143 pounds and gained optimum health by vegetable juicing and a plant-based whole food eating lifestyle. I reversed pre-diabetes, regained… read more
Kim  went from  size 18 to size 4
Thank you for openiing my eyes to such a healthful life.  It literally saved my life!  In 2005 I began dealing with the responsibility of taking… read more
Ginny: Virginia: Was fat, diabetic, unhappy. Then something "magical happened." Eat To Live came into her life; she lost 93 pounds and is on her way to becoming free of diabetes
I am a fifty year old attorney, mother of two teens, and newly minted healthy woman.  I was fat my entire adult life, until something truly… read more
Annette lost 90 pounds and is on her way to beating diabetes
Due to being sick numerous times during the 2011/12 school year and ending up in the hospital four days with cellulitis I knew I needed to make a… read more
Richard is amazed by how good he feels
Following  Dr. Fuhrman’s  G-BOMBS  guidelines along with exercise, and taking supplements has turned me into a new person. Three years ago I… read more
laura:  Laura decided she didn't want to die young and lost 88 pounds
While eating my dietitian approved diabetes snack of cheese and whole wheat crackers I watched, with eager excitement,  Dr. Fuhrman on tv… read more
Linda: Despite having MS  Linda  has much more energy after losing 72 pounds
After seeing Dr. Fuhrman on PBS I was very interested in what he said. I read Eat To Live and wanted to try it. I didn't think I could stay on a… read more
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