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Julie's  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,  PMS and migraines have disappeared
My journey to health started 14 months ago.  I was lying on the couch with my  three year old,  both sick again.  He had double ear infections, I… read more
Amber lost  her 35 pound pregnancy weigh gain
I have followed Eat To Live for almost a decade, except for a brief time when, having two babies thirteen months apart, I slipped back into bad… read more
Debra B's  two young daughters lives have  dramatically  improved as they no longer suffer from debilitating eczema, allergies, or asthma and  are off steroid drugs; mom is thrilled
By the time they were four and five years old my two daughters had been suffering from different  problems for years. Samantha had severe asthma… read more
Gabriela's son no longer suffers from  croup or misses school because of it;  doesn't need allergy medication and can finally enjoy his childhood and be a normal child; mom is happy
My son was sick with croup almost every month. He was missing school and we often had to take him to the emergency room. Although his first doctor… read more
Rebecca:  Rebecca resolved her 3 year old daughter's tummy aches
I started our health experience after I turned 30. I have been a vegetarian for a long time, but it wasn't until reading many of Dr. Fuhrman's… read more
Melissa: Adopting the Nutritarian lifestyle became a family affair.  As a result, Melissa's son no longer has asthma flare-ups or dark circles under his eyes, and the whole family is “Disease-Proofed”
Our boys’ diet used to consist of cereal with milk, yogurt, cheese sticks, turkey and cheese sandwiches, school lunches, Lunchables, and meat,… read more
David says being a Nutriitarian five years helps him stay cancer free
I began my  Nutritarian diet after being diagnosed with cancer nearly five years ago and truly believe it not only helped me stay cancer free,… read more
Lisa D.'s  young daughter no longer suffers chronic ear infections after mom followed the advice in Disease Proof Your Child; now  mom, dad, and two children are happy healthy nutritarians
When my daughter was almost two, she started having ear infections and residual ear fluid. Two different Ear, Nose and Throat doctors said that we… read more
Rebecca F.  has been following Disease Proof Your Child since her baby was born and now she has a very healthy toddler; she gives the book to her  friends who are expectant mothers
Our two year old daugher, Maria, has been living a Nutritarian lifestyle since day one. My husband and I adopted this lifestyle not too long… read more
Atlanta Family: Three young sisters are healthier and happier
We have had tremendous success as a Nutritarian family. My husband and I both t read Eat To Live. I also read Disease Proof Your Child, and have… read more
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