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 After numerous failed fertility treatments Jill lost 85 pounds and  became pregnant


Eight and half years ago I experienced a miscarriage that knocked me off my feet.  I turned to food for comfort and became an obsessive emotional eater. The  weight piled on year after year.  My husband and I continued trying to achieve pregnancy. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and placed on several medications to regulate my hormones and help me get pregnant.  I spent eight years in and out of a infertility clinic, running tests and increasing medications.

I  finally came to the end of my rope and knew it was time to make major changes in my lifestyle.  A friend had given me the Eat To Live several years ago. Now, at last, I was ready to read it and  to change.  I started reading one afternoon and that evening  was already making changes in my food choices.  The changes continued the more I read and the more I educated myself on food, nutrition and health. 

I lost 85 pounds and am thrilled to now be three months pregnant with a healty baby!  My doctor is so excited for me, and  fully supports my decision to live this healthy lifestyle.  I am continuing to Eat To Live and have no desire to change.  I can't wait to teach my child how to Eat To live. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman, thank you times a million.


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