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Phil G lost 32 pounds; his  blood pressure in normal and he no longer needs  cholesterol medication; his energy level is the highest it has been in years

Phil G.

I read Eat to Live by coincidence. Just picked it up off the book shelf. I am 60 and I had been on a beta blocker for 15 years. In the last several years I had been lethargic and very tired. My weight was almost 200  pounds. My cholesterol was 210. I had to get off the blood pressure medication, so I thought I would give the plan a try.

My weight is now 168. My blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol is 165. The first three weeks were difficult. Around week four I started feeling better and my blood pressure was much lower. Eight weeks later, my mood was back to normal and my energy level was the highest it has been in years. I am five months into the program and my story so far is a huge success.

Getting all my clothes altered was expensive. From a 37 waist to 33 ½ is a lot of alterations. I eat no salt, no bread, no processed foods, almost no desserts, almost no cheese, almost no pasta. Breakfast is a fruit smoothie with a fresh orange, or cereal with fruit or most often oatmeal—always with fresh oranges and bananas. Mid-day snack is an apple. Lunch is always a salad of some sort sometimes with chicken and sometimes with soup. Afternoon snack is oatmeal or an apple. Supper is almost always a salad of some sort—lots of spinach and romaine lettuce with other veggies like green beans or peas.

The biggest thing I would tell somebody who wants to try this is to find a store that sells the food and have plenty of it around the house and be prepared to take the time to prepare it. It is not a lot of time involved, but most people who are eating badly are eating things that are fast and easy and most of those things are bad. I have developed a taste now for the spinach and broccoli and peas so I am content to snack on those things. All in all—I miss the garbage I had grown accustomed to eating, but the trade off it well worth it.

People need to be prepared (particularly older people) for comments about their appearance once they lose 30 pounds. I have had numerous friends quietly ask me if I’m “OK” or “are you all right”. Once they hear the story, most of them want to borrow the book. I guess I do look older in the face since it is thinner, but I don’t look like a fatso in a bathing suit now.

There is no doubt that Dr. Fuhrman’s program will work, as long as you stick with it. There is plenty of protein in the diet. I do recommend the VegiZest product and there is no doubt that a high performance blender is a good investment. It is not necessary to the program, however.

I am a firm believer in the program and recommend it without hesitation. I caution people that it is not a diet. I do not consider that I am on a diet. I eat lots of food and don’t count calories or worry about carbs. I have simply changed what I eat.

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